Twiztid invade Louisville’s Trixie’s Entertainment Center for a wild evening of music with G-Mo Skee and friends.

There was a significant line outside Trixie’s Entertainment Center in Louisville more than 30 minutes after the doors opened, eagerly anticipating tonight’s evening with Twiztid and the Wickedness.

With only a few stops left on their Psychomania Tour, Twiztid along with a number of the Majik Ninja Entertainment Family members descend on Louisville for a raucous evening of music.

The duo of Jamie Madrox and Monoxide, better known as horrorcore masters, Twiztid along with drummer Drayven Davidson unleash their version of horror with an unrelenting set. Filled with contagious beats and wicked verses Twiztid controls the Trixie’s stage with an impressive level of energy. The moshing and thrashing in the pit was relentless all evening as Twiztid seem to get stronger as the night wore on. Judging by the expressions and various conversations after the show everyone seems to be thoroughly exhausted and satisfied as chants of ‘Family’ saluted Twiztid at the end of the set.    

Providing the main support tonight was the self-proclaimed ‘Filthiest rapper from the Bay Area of California’ G-Mo Skee. In a fun and lively performance, G-Mo Skee didn’t leave anyone disappointed as he rolls through a set of full of filth including his newest animated music video “My Filthy Spirit Bomb”. G-Mo Skee closes out his set with “Human Cloth” while wearing a jacket from his new clothing line with everyone’s pinky’s up in the air.

Several other artists including Young Wicked; the newest artist signed to Majik Ninja Entertainment, a duo known as Gorilla Voltage, Body Bag Syndikate and The Louievillians put on entertaining rap sets that continued to fuel the energy with the growing crowd.

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Trixie’s Entertainment Center

Event Date: 08-JUN-2017