Vintage Trouble performs an electrifying, highly energetic, moving, and heartwarming set for the people of Manchester.

Vintage Trouble are a band who have been captivating audiences over the past 7 years with their high energy rock and soul shows. The “Troublemakers”, as the fans are affectionately called, gather for one of the most entertaining and energetic dance parties which continues long after curfew is called.

Opening for Vintage Trouble tonight is Blues Rock rising talent Laurence Jones who is playing as part of a trio this evening (minus Bennett Holland on keys). Greg Smith on Bass and Phil Wilson on drums provide excellent tight rhythms and support throughout the set.

Jones was voted best European Guitarist at the European Music Awards and you can quickly see he is about to hit the big time. With his silky smooth blues and rock and roll licks which are packed full of guitar solos, tricks and touches, Jones does not put a foot wrong.

Known for his incredible blues guitar playing, tonight, however, sees a heavier rock vibe in particular during tracks like “Gimmie Your Time”. On the other hand “Something’s Changed” sees a more funky groove and reggae vibe but still with that rock edge. It shows that Jones is not afraid to mix things up a bit. The crowd sing along and there is even a little ad-lib of “I Shot the Sherriff”.

Jones finishes the set with the up-tempo “Live It Up”, which has the audience clapping along. The crowd chant while Jones shows some deft tricks and a mesmerising solo to cap an excellent set.

Vintage Trouble confidently strides onto the stage dressed in their trademark formal attire. Sharp dressed suits. Guitarist Nalle Colt dons his trademark Fedora Hat. Singer Ty Taylor chooses a charcoal long fitted jacket and trouser combination tonight with white shirt and tie. Bassist Rick Bario Dill is wearing a sharp dark grey three-piece suit.

The band come out with all guns blazing with “Total Strangers” and “Strike Your Light” opening the show. Things slow down a little as the audience claps and sing along to the soulful “Doin’ What You Were Doin'”.

A few weeks before tonight’s show, Vintage Trouble was in a recording studio in the Cayman Islands putting together material for their next release. This evening the band choose to perform several songs from that session.

Tonight sees the band perform in Manchester only a couple of weeks after the tragic terror attack at the MEN Arena. Delivering a poignant and heartfelt introduction to the band’s new upbeat, contemporary R&B number “The Battle’s End” Taylor tells the room:

“When you are thinking you are a powerful person, and then when all of a sudden you feel powerless. It’s not a cool feeling. And I’m sure when your people, and I love Manchester, rain and all. But when the rain comes in the form of tears, and of missing and of regret, it’s a hard thing to deal with. So we are in this room together right now in the name of love and in the name of music, even more importantly, I know love and music are two really important things, we are in this room for tomorrow. We are in this room for the future. We are in this room to show people that we are not afraid to be together to celebrate life. We are not afraid to hold each other’s hands in public and we will not be shut down. You will not be shut down. So we came to celebrate today, tomorrow. In the name of a lot of people who cannot celebrate tomorrow, we are here on their behalf.”

Another great new addition to the band is keyboardist and backing vocalist Brian London. This song showcases the great chemistry and harmony Brian has performing backing vocals and compliments Taylor extremely well.

The audience gets to sing along to the most beautiful moment of the night as the band perform “Not Alright By Me”. Before this song begins Taylor informs the audience that Ariana Grande hosted a benefit concert just two nights prior which brought everyone together, and the band wanted to contribute to the families and victims of the Manchester disaster. While performing this song Ty walks around the whole of the venue as the people of Manchester and beyond give generously. The room is illuminated by cell phones which sway side to side in unison, it is a very warm and moving moment.

The midsection of the show tonight sees a string of new songs and a couple where Taylor gets to utilise his trombone very majestically. “Sorry” has a lot of soul and again sees London providing great sounds and harmonising well with Ty on backing vocals. The crowd are asked to get up and dance like they have never danced before the band launches into “Rollin”.

One of the highlights from the new material tonight is “Crystal Clarity”. This song has a deep R&B groove, Vintage Trouble kills the crowd with this one. Barrio-Dill shines here with his groove and movement accompanied by the tight rhythms from Danielson on drums.

The awesome slide guitar from Nalle Colt leads us into the classic “Run Like The River”. Those who have been to a Vintage Trouble gig will know that this is the fever pitch point of the night. High on energy and rock and roll craziness, Taylor uses the venue as his playground jumping into the audience and onto the upstairs balcony. The crowd sing and jump along with Taylor as the band play on from the stage. Ty in true rock and roll fashion crowd surfs from the back of the room to the stage as the crowd sing along to every word. A highlight of the night.

Vintage Trouble closes their main set still on a high with their brilliant new single “Knock Me Out”, which is raw with energy and a perfect groove. The encore sees the band return with a beautiful rendition of “Nobody Told Me” before the night is ended on a high with the classic “Blues Hand Me Down”.

Vintage Trouble again proves tonight that they are a band full of raw soul, energy, emotion, and heartfelt love for the fans. The band play wonderful Rock and Roll music which comes from the heart, and from the evidence of the new material played tonight, their future release will be pretty diverse and fresh. Ty Taylor lives and breathes off the energy and vibes of those around him. There is a fire in his soul and if those people glow with all that is positive like tonight, the fire will never go out.

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Event Date: 06-06-2017

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