Los Angeles, California, The City of Angels…cross-genre rock ‘n’ roller Derek Day is emerging from the creative cauldron of quarantine with a timely, provocative new single, “Click On Me”. He’s joined by venerable Living Colour guitarist Vernon Reid, whose eclectic career blending everything from punk to funk is a natural complement to Day’s own encompassing influences.

Derek Day’s signature sound is driven by a wide variety of influences, including classic rock ‘n’ roll, R&B, soul, funk, and pop. A guitar virtuoso who marries licky riffs with manic vocalisations, Day has plenty to offer hardcore music insiders and casual listeners alike. At only 24, his star is on the rise.

His 2018 neo-rock single “Social Kitten” kicked off a tour in Sweden and England, where he played the politically charged Byline Festival, headlined by Pussy Riot. Day has been welcomed onstage by the likes of Steve Vai, Moby, Ted Nugent, and Slash. As a first-generation American who started out as a self- taught street performer in Santa Monica, his hybrid style resulted from experimentation that continues to this day in his collaboration with Vernon Reid, and this unpredictability forms the backbone of a rich and growing sound catalog.

In addition to his solo efforts, Day can be heard fronting the band Classless Act to rave reviews. The well renowned USA radio persona Eddie Trunk has called Day a “talented kid, very impressive and a promising, great player.”

National Rock Review caught up with LA based guitar virtuoso Derek Day to talk about his latest single “Click On Me”, working with Vernon Reid and the LA jam scene.

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