Alternative/funk/Experimental rock trio, Primus, captivate new and old fans with a highly anticipated tour stop at the Louisville Palace.

With a career spanning almost three decades, Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum selling band, Primus has always and will always be one of the most-unique Rock and Roll bands to grace the stage. Known for their unique live performances that feature extended solos and improvisation and sporting a catalog of solid, yet definitely identifiable songs, Primus provides a concert experience like none other.

On a simple, backlit stage with five large video boards behind them, Primus open the first set of the evening simply enough with the bass-heavy “Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers” immediately getting the crowd out of their seats. Without hesitation Primus drop straight into “Too Many Puppies,” “Sgt. Baker” and “Last Salmon Man” and the crowd is completely hooked.

Frontman Les Claypool takes a moment to address the crowd “You know the more you move, the more pelvic gyrating Ler (guitarist Larry ‘Ler’ Lalonde) will do and nothing gets people out of their seats like the thought of Ler’s pelvic Gyrating” which drew raucous cheers from the crowd.

The first set contains a number of Primus gem’s including “American Life,” “Over the Falls,” “Lee Van Cleef,” and “HOINFODAMAN” while various video clips play on the large screens adding to the spectacle of the evening.

A brief Tim “Herb” Alexander drum solo ensues with Les proclaiming “Herb just entertained the shit out of the people with his solo” before Primus launch into “Welcome To This World with Mrs. Blaileen interlude”.

One last time Les addresses the now crazed crowd “We have been dropping in some obscure numbers this evening which we are going to continue to do. Since we are in Louisville we want so something good for you, if you are not feeling it feel free to sit down. This song is called “My Name Is Mud” which in turn is met with a large roar with everyone singing along from the off. Another fan favorite “Jerry Was a Race Car Driver” closes out a fantastic opening set.

Primus is touring in support of their new album, The Desaturating Seven. This is the first full-length album of original material in 22 years from the original lineup. The album draws its inspiration from Ul De Rico’s 1978 children’s book The Rainbow Goblins, one representing each color of the rainbow – who simultaneously pull all the color out of the world.

With the stage now bathed in deep purples, accentuated with various coral pieces among other things, Primus begins the second set of the evening with the first track “The Valley“ from the new album. Over the next 45 minutes, Primus takes us on a colorful and mesmerizing journey while playing the balance of the new album in song order. On the video screens, various images of goblins, rainbows, and colors wash over the venue creating a spellbinding atmosphere, completely engulfing the crowd.  

Primus close out the evening with a three-song encore set starting with “Fisticuffs” followed by fan favorite ”Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver” and “Harold of the Rocks” to a wild ovation from a thoroughly entertained Louisville crowd.  

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Louisville Palace
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Event Date: 04-NOV-2017