Revel In Disgust is a tour coming for you souls. Our Great Undoing and Cryptic Hymn should be mighty blackened leading up to Cave-in-Rock.

This blackened death metal group that formed back in 2007 in the St. Louis, MO is comprised of Steve Lee (Drums), Anthony George (Bass), Jesse McCoy (Vocals), and Gabe Price (Guitars). They will end up the Revel In Disgust Tour at Full Terror Assault 2015. Jesse apparently lost the beer chugging contest to see who would sit down with us and answer a few mundane questions about band life. But, we helped him get through it alright. So grab their new CD on Blast Head Records, sit back, and have a read. Let us know what you thought in the comments below.

NRR: What’s been going on with the band in the last year to catch the Full Terror Assault fans up to speed?
Jesse: This year has been great for us as a band. We released our second album Our Great Undoing through Blast Head Records and did a southwest tour with our friends in Micawber back in February. The album was mixed and mastered by Scott Fuller, drummer of Abysmal Dawn and he put in some serious work with this album.
NRR: Hopefully you guys have a great time on stage this year. Are you looking forward to anything in particular at FTA?
Jesse: We are very happy a festival like this is coming the United States. We couldn’t be more honored being included in this ambitious project, no less on the Metalsucks main stage with some of metal’s most influential bands.
NRR: Your latest tour, Revel In Disgust, is either going on or about to be, right? What makes this tour special to you guys and what should fans take away from it after snagging their tickets for it?


Jesse: Revel in Disgust is going to be killer. It starts Aug 28, 2015 in St. Louis. We’ll be on the road with Cryptic Hymn, an incredible group of guys who put out crushing black/death metal. Having them with us will make the trip even more of a blast before we make our last stop at FTA.
NRR: With the tour announcement, does there happen to be new music to flay fans and their minds to go along with it?
Jesse: This tour is in support of our latest record, Our Great Undoing, which will be available on the road. It’s also available through Blast Head Records website.
NRR: If FTA rolled out the red carpet, for anyone, that you guys would want, is there anyone you’d love to have onstage for a song or two, and if so who might it be?
Jesse: Personally, I’d love to see Emperor reunited to play FTA. I’m sure the other guys would have their own favorites. Emperor to me would be a dream come true.
NRR: What can we expect from the band after FTA is a dark, slithering dream of a sleeping metal giant until 2016?
Jesse: Once we finish this tour we are going in to hard writing mode. We’ll be spending the entire year writing new material for a new album. We’ll be spending a lot of time with our instruments alone to really push the limits for our next record. The small amount of material we have written already feels devastating and we want to make sure to bring something big to the table, next album.
NRR: Is there a band or bands on this year’s FTA line-up that you are looking forward to seeing as fans?
Jesse: We couldn’t be happier that we get to share the stage with Napalm Death and Misery Index. Bands like Murder Construct and Broken Hope are playing after us which is crazy to think about.


TYRANNY ENTHRONED – “Interpreter Of Dreams” (Official Music Video)

NRR: If a band just starting out came to you for advice, are there any bits of sagely advice that you’d share with them?
Jesse: Take your time to hone your craft. Play together as much as you can before you decide to record something. Focus on mastering your sound before trying to play shows or tour. There isn’t a time limit in music, and rushing or cutting corners only hurts you.
NRR: What’s the St. Louis metal scene like compared to say Texas or other hotspots right now?
Jesse: It’s unfortunate that many overlook St. Louis. There are some very talented bands here like Xaemora and Black Fast. It’s much smaller than Chicago but there is no shortage of good music here.
NRR: How important is merch and selling it at shows like this one? Any good items for fans to snag in between sets?
Jesse: It’s very important for us since this will be our first open air festival. We have plenty of items to offer including CD’s, shirts, posters, and stickers. All will be available from us at FTA.


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