Drummer Bobby Blotzer and band serve up and evening of classic Ratt with Downtread and Year of the Gun.

03-Aug-2016: Louisville-based Southern power rockers, Year of the Gun, opened the evening in fine fashion. Their 30-minute set of original songs was hard and high energy, featuring distinctive vocals and some frenetic guitar riffs that were well received. Year of the Gun is Steve Sawyers (vocals), Eddy Metal (guitar), Kris Walls (guitar), Lee Lanham (bass), and Chuck Skibo (drums).

Minneapolis-based Rockers Downtread provided primary support this evening. Their high energy set featured songs from their upcoming album The War Behind the Wolf including “World is Breaking.” Eric Domagall’s demonstrative drumming and Brett’s soaring guitar riffs were highlights for the set. Downtread is Brett Petrusek (vocals/guitar), Eric Domagall (drums), Marc Paradise (guitar), and Robert Berg (Bass).

Bobby Blotzer’s Ratt rolled back time Wednesday evening delivering a memorable classic 80s metal set at Louisville’s Mercury Ballroom. With James Brown’s “Living in America” blaring over venue speakers, Bobby Blotzer jumps on stage waving a huge US flag to the crowd’s cheers. Starting off with a familiar guitar riff, punctuated by the power bass note of “Back for More,” Ratt kicked off with gun’s blazin’. The band rolled into “Lovin’ You Is A Dirty Job” and “Dance” sending us off on a great journey.

Over the course of the next 90-minutes, Blotzer’s and company performed one classic hit after another. “Lay it Down,” ” You’re In Love,” “Way Cool Jr.,” and “I Want a Woman” all brought smiles and high-fives with the crowd.

They closed this fantastic evening of classic rock with “Lack of Communication,” ” Wanted Man,” and “Slip of the Lip” before ending the night with a rockin’ performance of “Round and Round.”

Touring with Blotzer’s Ratt during the Re-Invasion tour is Blotzer (drums/vocals), Josh Alan (Vocals), Nicholas “Blaze” Baum (guitars/vocals), Robbie Crane (bass/vocals), and Doc Ellis (guitars/vocals).

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Editor’s Note: A previous version of this article listed the band as Ratt rather than Bobby Blotzer’s Ratt. We apologize for the misunderstanding.