Good guys are hard to find in music. Brothers in arms are even more rare. Bobaflex is down to earth and one hell of a ride.

Bobaflex is Shaun McCoy (guitar, vocals), Martin McCoy (guitar, vocals), Dave Tipple (guitar), Tommy Johnson (drums), Jymmy Tolland (bass). The brothers and good ‘ol boys are out on the road again in support of their latest album, Anything That Moves, released in July 2015. With the McCoy brothers switching vocal and guitar duties, playing old favorites that had the crowd singing along, and playing new material, the night ended in the best way possible. Not only was the band professional, but the contact they had with their fans was a joy to see from the outside looking in.

Playing in opening support of the band was Social Impact, Redline Burn, and Bloodline Riot on the world famous Frankie’s Inner City.

Social Impact is an enigmatic three piece outfit from the Toledo, OH area by all accounts. From what we could find out about the band, besides playing for the last three years to build their fan-base, they are currently doing a gofundme for a full-length album. If you’ve heard them before or might be a person that likes unsigned, newer bands, throw these guys a buck or two.

Next up was Bloodline Riot. They mesmerized the crowd with fog machine blasts, a laser light show albeit not the full phazer spread, and great music. Dan Greer (vocals), Jason Caine (guitar), Eric Vancil (bass), and Romie Burford (drums) make up this Detroit, MI modern rock band. Giving a new line-up a twirl, the band made the most of their set with thunderous effort and a guitar solo to melt your ears.

Pulling the third and final opening spot before Bobaflex was Redline Burn. These Wauseon, OH rockers still have some water behind their ears in the music world as a band. Started in July of 2015, the hard rockers never missed a beat with the experience each member brings to the current band from former stops. Jeremiah Rowe (vocals), Eric Lambes (guitar), Donald Pope (bass), and Jared Matthews (drums) played a well-rehearsed set and left the sweat on the stage at the end of it. Check out their Reverbnation page to get a taste of homegrown Ohio metal.

We highly recommend seeing the guys in Bobaflex live if you have the opportunity. Not only do we want to hear what you thought, but show us your photos of the show.

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