Stonebreed brought its blend of hard rock and southern metal to the Token Lounge with Wreking Crue, Resistance, and Cybil & The Beast.

Opening the night was Cybil & The Beast. This high energy rock n’ roll band consists of Cybil Leppard (vocals), Jeff Leppard (bass), Steve Salter (guitar), and Holly Filkins (drums). The band prides themselves as a good time party band. A mix of heavy rock and groovy blues, they have a sound like no other. Cybil was a powerhouse; her sultry, jazzy voice melded perfectly with their hard rock sound making a one of a kind music experience. Salter was a cool machine on guitar, Jeff Leppard was crazy on the bass, and Filkins thundered on the drums; this foursome has amazing chemistry and knows how to perform to a crowd. With a collection of originals and covers, along with a groovy rendition of The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army,” they put on a marvelous show.

Next up to the stage was Resistance. This metal band from Ypsilanti, Michigan consists of Lisa Stephens (vocals), Billy Gray (guitar), Jeff Sneary (bass), and Joe Spaly (drums). Vocalist and frontwoman Stephens is a singer like no other. Donned in a rainbow tutu, leather tights, and neon pink hair, the best way to describe Resistance to a stranger would be a metal band with Harley Quinn herself at the head. Her voice can go all over the place, from enchanting, beautiful melodic tones to guttural screams. Gray’s snarling guitar, the rich, dark tones from Sneary’s bass, and the crashing waves of Spaly on drums melded together for an extraordinary sound. The responded well, headbanging and rocking out.

Hitting the stage next was Motley Crue tribute band Wreking Crue. This Detroit-based metal tribute band consists of Matt Neil (vocals), Nikki Sikks (bass), Crash Marz (guitar/backup vocals), Toby Lee (drums/backup vocals/piano), and Precious and Cheri on backing vocals. They are determined to continue the party, bringing the sound and atmosphere of a Motley Crue event to the local level.
The band was phenomenal on stage and giving a highly entertaining set, even bringing their former vocalist up to join them in their last song of the night. They shelled out Crue favorites, like “Girls, Girls, Girls,” “Piece Of Your Action,” “Live Wire,” “Looks That Kill,” and many more. Fans gathered at the stage and sang along. Wreking Crue knows how to bring the arena sound of Motley Crue to the small venue. They rocked the night and took The Token for a ride on the wild side.

And finally, with curtains opening and a plume of smoke emitting from the stage, Stonebreed came on. This hard rock band from Los Angeles consists of Carlos Cruz (vocals), Brandon Paul (guitars), Johnny Zell (bass), and Orion Rainz (drums). Stonebreed has toured across the country, sharing the stage with bands including RATT, Cinderella, Uli Jon Roth, Warrant, Steel Panther, Saxon, Molly Hatchet, and a host of premiere musicians, including members of Dio, Sabbath, Bonham, Giuffria, W.A.S.P, Dokken, and more.
Playing hits like “Judgement Day,” “Whiskey Well,” “Miss Me”, “Back Home”, and many more, this band takes you back to the days of arena rock. Their sound is the perfect blend of good old rock n’ roll with a touch of Southern grit. They come complete with a charismatic front man with soaring vocals, a sizzling, a dynamic rock star of a guitarist, a bass player with hard-hitting grooves, and a thundering, heavy drummer. Stonebreed had high energy, great sound, and fantastic stage presence; the perfect mix for an amazing set. They are currently on tour, and their album, Stonebreed, is available on their website.

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