Rocking with a touch of psychedelic dreams, Hoarfrost by Bison Machine delights the ear with a dazzling array of fuzz rock.

Bison Machine is a four-piece band from Hamtramck, Michigan. The new album Hoarfrost features six songs that create a sweet amalgam of stoner, desert, and fuzz rock. The music of Bison Machine moves from sweaty fist-pumping riff to grooves full of trippy bliss.

BisonMachine-Hoarfrost-AlbumArtworkOpening up with “Cosmic Ark,” your attention is drawn to the haunting vocals of Tom Stec. His voice has a touch of Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age) and Joakim Nilsson (Graveyard). The vocals swim in reverb as the guitars bounce between the left and right channels. The production is solid with distinct instruments and tight playing.

“Old Moon” uses a tantalizing repetitive riff to open with a flourish and then sinks into a psychedelic groove. This groove picks up into muscular bass and guitar riffs, which churn into a manic ending with the furious drumming of Breck Crandell. He blasts away on the snare and cymbals with all his might.

“Gamekeeper’s Thumb” is an impressive song. The riffs are hallucinatory as they weave magical threads inside your brain. The bass groove by Anthony Franchina sets the stage throughout the song and allows guitarist John deVries to explore. The aching wah-wah laden solo is wrapped in layers of fuzz.

The action picks up again with “Vikings Hand” and “Speed of Darkness.” The solo on “Speed of Darkness” may have fans thinking of Fast Eddie Clark from the classic era of Motorhead. That song will surely tear some heads off.


Hoarfrost closes out with an extended jam session tune called “Giant’s Coffin.” This song features all that is great about Bison Machine. Soaring vocals, intriguing bass lines, rock solid guitar riffs with solos that expand conscientiousness, and crushing drums with plenty of flair. This album is a must-have for those who love raw rock music bathed in the overdrive of a hot tube amp.

Bison Machine
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