Long-time members of the St. Louis punk scene celebrated the (alleged) 111th birthday of Crash, drummer for Without MF Order, in proper punk form.

Without MF Order took the stage in honor of their drummer’s (“Crash”) 111th birthday. Although Crash insists he is barely in his mid-fifties, the rest of the band are convinced he is much older, and possibly will never die. His bandmates attempted to raise money to kill Crash earlier in the year using a GoFundMe page, one that received some national attention, but was soon taken down due to the content.

Without MF Order has been a staple in the St. Louis punk scene for nearly twenty years, going through a number of lineup changes until a few years ago when they found relative stability with bassist “Ramrod” and vocalist “Captain Perverto” joining founding members Crash and guitarist “Scumby.”

The Way Out Club features a kitschy mix of decor, from clown paintings and pictures to vintage advertisements and Formica-topped tables, along with a friendly bar staff/owners and a nice selection of drinks. The club is split into two halves, allowing for patrons to stay at the bar and away from the melee near the stage. This show had its share of action: slam dancing, impromptu guest vocals, Captain Perverto’s signature antics in which the crowd is encouraged to punch him in the head, and flying beer bottles.

Dead Planet are another legendary punk band in the St. Louis area, first forming and performing in late 1985. The band is still going strong, played a number of shows in the region, and are actively seeking to win a spot on next year’s PointFest bill, a festival show hosted by local radio station 105.7 The Point (KPNT). The band played a longer set than expected, ripping through one song after another, with little to no break between. Their repertoire consists of a traditional hardcore/punk format, most songs lasting less than three minutes.

The Banjo Rat (Josh Bialon) opened the show, playing with a guest percussionist, a new twist on his usual solo performance. Regardless of his percussionist assistant, The Banjo Rat played a shorter set but did not sacrifice any of the emotion and power he displays at every show.

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