No Small Children is not your average girl band, and we’re here to tell you why they just may be the next best thing in the rock genre.

No Small Children is made up of three school teachers. They are teachers by day, and rock stars by night. They are currently recording their third album entitled Hold Tight, I’m Flying, planned for release July 2015. Although this album is not like the first two, Trophy Wife and Dear Youth, it is still bold and unapologetic.

The group was created spring 2012 on the playground by Lisa Pimental and Nicola Berlinsky. Pimentel sings and plays guitar and Berlinsky is on drums. Joanie Pimentel joined the group in October 2013, is the band’s bass player and singer. The teachers used their time wisely, holding band meetings during lunch breaks, rehearsals are held after school, and they use school holidays for touring.

The group has a campaign called 10 shows/10 days. This project is to showcase the playful nature of the band. During these showcases that they call minisodes, they show interviews of their experience and show performance footage.

The band’s sound is rock with loud guitars and catchy beats, but the light twang in their vocals adds a country edge to their rock sound, something unique that isn’t often seen in the rock genre. Check out how these musicians rock their schoolhouse by checking out their website.

No Small Children – Drunk Creepy Guy

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