Headlining their first tour of North America, Insomnium deliver powerful performances with fellow countrymen, Omnium Gatherum Dysphorium. Also in support are Shadow of the Mountain and Svartskjold.

A Thursday evening performance before a major holiday did not deter hardcore Insomnuim fans from showing up in force at Expo Five in Louisville. The group left no disappointed fans by delivering an outstanding performance. Insomnium is touring without vocalist/bassist Niilo Sevanen and guitarist Ville Friman due to some last-minute family issues. They were expertly represented by Mike Bear and Nick Cordle respectively along with Markus Vanhala (guitars) and Markus Hirvonen (drums).

After starting off with “Primeval Dark,” ”While We Sleep,” and “Revelation,” singer Mike Brae said they would play something from each of the Insomnium albums. Along the way, they performed “The Elder,” “Out to the Sea,” and “Drawn to Black” much to the delight of those in attendance.

Wrapping up their core set, Mike briefly discussed the issues that Niilo was having before dedicating the “Promethean song” to him. Insomnium treated those in attendance to a three set encore including “Ephemeral” and “Bereavement” before closing out the evening with “Weighted Down with Sorrow.” It was an excellent showcase of Finnish Melodic Metal.

Finnish Death metallers Omnium Gatherum were the main support for the evening, delivering a first-rate performance to those lucky to experience it. Their set included songs from their last two albums, Beyond (2013) and New world Shadows (2011), including “New Dynamic,” “The Distance and “The Unknowing.”

The six-piece exhibited exceptional stage presence with guitarists Markus and Joonas all over the stage, hair whipping in classic metal fashion. Jukka was inviting everyone to come closer to the stage and headbang with him.

Before their final song “New world Shadows,” Jukka asked everyone in the pit to create a tornado, something everyone was quick to join in.

After their set, each member of Omnium Gatherum high fived and fist bumped fans near the stage; it was a great fan moment. Omnium Gatherum is Markus Vanhala (guitar), Jukka Pelkonen (vocals), Jarmo Pikka (drums), Aapo Koivisto (keyboards), Joonas Koto (guitar), and Erkki Silvennoinen (bass).

Supporting Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum this evening were Louisville-based melodic death metallers, Dysphorium. Unfortunately, they were just getting into their set when it was cut short due to time constraints. Dysphorium is Greg Moore (guitar), Josh Holmes (guitar, vocals), Blake Weeks (bass), and Jon Stillman (drums).

Shadow of the Mountain also experienced a shortened set due to time constraints.

The newly formed local melodic death metal band, Svartskjold, featuring members of Stagecoach Inferno, Anagnorisis, and Esoteric Burial, kicked the evening off with a hard-hitting set. They are an exciting local group with a great stage presence. Svartskjold is Chris (drums), Hunter (bass), Tom (guitar), Brennan (guitar), and Will (vocals).

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