When a headlining act pulls out of a summer tour, what are the remaining bands left to do? Go on with the shows, that’s what!

The anxiously anticipated ‘The Family Reunion Tour’ that consisted of bands: Kottonmouth Kings, Hed PE, Scare Don’t Fear, and The Family Ruin began surrounded by controversy.

Kottonmouth Kings pulled out as the headliners of the tour about one week before the start. This left the remaining bands faced with the difficult question whether to perform or cancel the entire tour. With tickets sold, fans waiting, and tour preparations made, the remaining bands honored their commitment and launched the Never Stop Hustlin Tour.

On June 9, 2015, Hed PE, Scare Don’t Fear, and The Family Ruin arrived at the Hawthorne Theater in Portland, OR to a cancelled show. Given the choice to “move on to the next venue or play for free” the bands showed incredible dedication to their fans. The show went on.

The Family Ruin opened the show. This hard rocking band from the UK never fails to entertain Portland crowds. High energy on stage and hard-driving vocals have earned this band a faithful fan base. Lead singer, Johnny Mennell, left the stage at one point during their performance to rock out with the crowd. The crowd cheered, danced, and sang along with Mennell. Though the crowd on this night was small, it was full of energy and respect for these bands.

Scare Don’t Fear, label mates of The Family Ruin on KBB Records, took the stage next. This band has also developed a loyal following in the Portland area. With their eclectic blend of Hip Hop and Metal, Scare Don’t Fear build their following with each show. This band makes sure to keep the entire crowd moving, jumping, and partying along to their catchy songs. Scare Don’t Fear’s cover of Eminem’s “The Way I Am” brought singers Chris Jungles and Frankie Screamz into the crowd in something reminiscent of an old school rap battle. This song, definitely being the highlight of their set, had the floor bowing with each jump of the crowd.

Hed PE rounded out the night with a blend of old and new music. The band was tight and singer Jared Gomes voice was on point for the entire set. Hed PE, having formed in 1997, have earned their old school reputation. The bands multi-genre influences are clearly evident in each song. From metal, rap, reggae, punk, and hip hop there is something for everyone on each epic Hed PE album. The show’s turnout was small; however the vibe was special, something that can only come from three hard-working bands who refuse to let anything get in the way of performing for their dedicated fans.

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