After a month long break from shows, Sevendust kicks off their Electric tour at the House of Blues in Cleveland.

The night started out with Silent Season, If you were not one of the people to catch them, you missed out big time. Fresh from their tour with 10 Years and Twelve Foot Ninja, these boys killed it. Lead Singer Jeremy Rae kept the crowd into it by having the crowd bounce and singing along.

The band recently released their latest single called Us All to which I very much suggest you check out. Overall at the end of the night Silent Season gained a lot of new fans out of their first show.

After Silent Season set, Gemini Syndrome took the stage and had control of the crowd from beginning to end. They played all songs off of their debut album, Lux featuring the singles, Basement and Stardust. The bands popularity has been growing day by day since the album release and it showed by the fans singing along to almost every song.

During their performance you could tell within the next five years these guys will be huge and most likely wont be opening, they will be headlining. It is crazy to believe that a band that only has been together for 4 years and with one album out has become so popular quick in the music industry.

All fans were beyond ready for what was next, the legendary Sevendust came out to a large warm and loud welcome at the House of Blues. A slight change up in the set list starting out with songs such as, Pieces and Face to Face, which in past years has been near the end of the set. The fans loved the change by banging their heads and screaming so loud they could barely talk the next morning.

Even for their older age you could tell they still had it in them as lead singer, Lajon Witherspoon swung his dreadlocks around and drummer, Morgan Rose looking like he was at Woodstock ’99.

Though coming off of a acoustic tour, Sevendust found some time in the middle of the show to fit in the acoustic as they performed, Got A Feeling and Angel’s Son. Throughout the rest of the show the band kept the crowd involved by playing the song, Splinter for the encore.

The night was one to remember for the fans and one hell of a way to kick off what is going to be one amazing tour.


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