What’s that sound rumbling in the distance and getting ever closer? There it goes repeating. And again! Echo… Echo…Like a sonic boomerang, it must be that delicate sound of thunder coming round once more.

And very most welcome it is as Pink Floyd’s post Waters live album documenting their two-year tour in support of 1987’s  A Momentary Lapse Of Reason studio release, with Rick Wright back in the Floyd fold, is heartily remastered including a very desirous heavy vinyl roll out to boot!

With all formats adding extra tracks not issued on its original release, the concert film itself has been restored, re-edited and remixed into 5.1 pristine visual and audio standalone delivery. Further delights include a 2CD and an all the trimmings four-disc set complete with those bonus tracks and a 3 LP spin-off.

Not only for assiduous Floyd collectors who will no doubt snarf all these formats with glee, but each format is also exquisitely put together to provide optimum choice whatever the fan’s budget.

In these times of isolation, what better a bonus than a reminder of when a universally revered band packed ‘em in with a stunning audio-visual extravaganza enhanced by previously unreleased tracks to shine a blazing light of wistful hope in the dark days and nights ahead before society gets back in the pink again.

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