Local hard rock show in NYC are perfect send off for students starting summer vacation.

Saturday June 28th was exciting for many reasons. Firstly, it was the weekend after the NYC schools officially closed their doors for the Summer break. What better way to celebrate the end of the school year than by attending a local concert with your friends. What made this show stand out is the bands on this bill were of different styles of rock/metal. It was wonderful to see local bands of the hard rock persuasion booked at a metal show. When we speak of unity in the music scene, this is what it is all about: diversity!

Tsul’Kalu is a doom metal band reminiscent to the musical styles of Sunn O))) and SLEEP. I knew little about this Long Island trio before seeing them live, but they proved to be an excellent discovery. They are at work on new music and playing shows in and around New york City. Their set was immensely enjoyable, and the large crowd responded enthusiastically moving along with the music and raising their fists in approval. They are definitely a band worth paying a more attention to.

Taking the stage with energy and excitement, Tired Wings made the most of their 35-minute set rocking smoothly and with ease. The band was founded on the premise of enjoying the music you make and giving that energy back to the crowd. One of the highlights of their set was guest musician Rich Almady of Mahavatar playing lead guitar on the song, Whiskey To Go. During their set, the guys played three new songs that will appear on a future full-length release. The band is working on pre-production for their new record.

It has been some time since I last saw Mahavatar play and I wasn’t sure what to expect. They had lots of fans in the audience and received a massive welcoming response as they took the stage. What stood out for me during their performance was Lizza Demauro’s distinct voice and commanding stage presence. Her vocals resonated throughout the venue. She incorporated death metal growls, folk chants, and clean melodic parts.

After reading up on the band, I discovered the band has undergone several line up changes over the years. One of the former members of this band was drummer Eran Asias who had played with the Israeli metal band Orphaned Land. The thing I love about heavy music is how bands draw influence and inspiration from the countries they are from. Mahavatar has members from Israel and Hungry. I hope this will be something the band incorporates into their music more often; the languages, the folk music, and their experiences.

Next were local favorites IKILLYA. These guys have recently completed a sucessfull tour with Battlecross in promotion of their second album Vae Victis on Megaforce Records.

Jason Lekberg: Vocals
Eric Jackson: Guitar
Billy Burton: Drums

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Lizza Hason Demauro: Vocals,
Richard Almady: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Spectra Artceps: Bass
Gerry White: Drums

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Tired Wings:
Charles Canedo: Guitars, Vocals
Angel Acevedo: Drums
Jeffrey Hinz: Bass

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Chris White: Guitar, Vocals
Mark Zapata: Drums
Mike Scherrer: Bass, Vocals

Website | Facebook | Twitter

Blackthorn 51 (venue):
Website | Facebook | Twitter

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Anya was born and raised in Donestk, Ukraine, and emigrated to NYC when she was 8 years old. In her early teens she discovered Power Metal and many artists from the European metal scene. Her passion for photography grew from her concert experiences. There is nothing more exciting than capturing those small moments on stage that musicians have with their instruments. She enjoys taking photos from the crowd and is not afraid to step into mosh pit to take photos of the fans in action. Photography has influenced Anya in other ways. When she's not in the photo pit she can be found teaching preschool where photography is a big part of my daily curriculum. Photography is more than a hobby it is a passion, which allows her to combine all her interests into one.

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