There are certain bands that we see as family. We Are Harlot is like the crazy uncle you absolutely love and your parents can’t stand.

Many bands, big and small, blowing through the Toledo have graced the stage at Frankie’s Inner City. We Are Harlot happened to breeze through on an incredible night in the early fall in the Glass City. An intimate crowd warmly greeted all of the bands with people coming from as far away as Columbus, Ohio for this low-dough show of a national band.

To open the show were hometown favorites, Saints & Sinners. James Barber (guitar/vocals), Andrew Barber (bass), and Anthony “Country” Keesecker (drums) had another great show with a mysterious fourth member this night. More lights, more personal, and more gusto showed the guys are getting back into the swing of thing very nicely.

With said light show lighting up the Frankie’s stage, it was nice to see the continued fun the band had playing live. Ending their set in a crowd-pleasing way was a promise of more things to come and to leave their set with some ruckus crowd involvement didn’t hurt. The guys rocked out with a medley of Metallica and Black Sabbath smash-ups. Fans were satisfied to see them active again.

The second band of the billing was another local Monroe, Michigan area favorite, Reject the Silence (RTS). The crew of RTS is Aaron Moore (vocals), Craig Hauser (guitar), Stephen Lands (bass), and Kenny Hueston (drums). Their three-song EP and the first single, “Inside Out,” are available for download. This hard rock/metal band was exactly the right way to keep the night going with great music and an adventurous vocalist coming down into the pit to sing a few parts. The way the guys interact with one another on stage is refreshing with no signs of being wore down by the music grind. Catch the guys and all of their hard work when they play with Green Jelly in December.


The third and final local support band for the night was The Infinity Process. This still relatively new Toledo band started in 2014 and has been making good use of their time together. Kimberly Clark (vocals), Jason Tingley (guitar), Jeremy Tingley (bass), and Brent Gfell (drums) make up this hometown grown rock quartet. The band is looking to make their mark on the independent music scene with the release of their debut album, Progress of Elimination. The band is scheduled to play more local shows so keep your eyes open if they happen to come to your neck of the woods.

And finally, the closers of the night were, of course, We Are Harlot. The band consists of Danny Worsnop (vocals), Jeff “I Am The Man” George (guitar), Bruno Agra (drums), and Brian Weaver (bass). This L.A. band is signed to the Roadrunner/Atlantic Records label and can be heard in regular rotation on your local rock station(s). Download their self-titled debut album and catch a very 80s inspired set that carries on the hair band era of Guns N’ Roses and Mötley Crüe.

The guys had a great time on stage and even made a point to thank the faithful young ladies in the front of the crowd for not crossing the fan lines into being stalkers, we joke. Danny did seem to recognize a few of the fans and was truly impressed to find fans who had followed them to Toledo after seeing them at a previous show. The offer to get someone pregnant that night did set a few hearts to flutter, however. Those in attendance enjoyed the experience of seeing talented musicians having fun on stage. Good times, good songs, and the downing of a few good adult beverages made for a great time had by all.

We highly recommend seeing We Are Harlot live for yourself. If you take us up on the offer, let us know what you thought.

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