Diamante makes a stop in Las Vegas for a female based show before heading out on the road with Steel Panther.

It is a cold Thursday night in Las Vegas but the crowd packs into Beauty Bar in Downtown Las Vegas to see Diamante.  This venue is a unique place to see a show.  The retro bar in the front is playing dance music but in the back, the show is where the real excitement is.  This outdoor stage nestled between the buildings of downtown give off the feeling of being at the coolest backyard party ever.  The band seems determined to deliver a performance that will leave people talking despite the chilly evening and from the first song it is apparent the crowd is ready for a great show.

Diamante takes the stage dressed in a red pleather outfit consisting of shorts and a halter top and all eyes are on the performance.  She calls for the crowd to come forward to the stage.  Too often people seem to think they are too cool to do this, but they comply packing the front of the stage.  She is all over the stage interacting with the crowd while belting out the songs.  There is a lit platform that she spends time atop and other times she is on the stage right at the crowd.  “Coming in Hot” the title track of the current album is delivered right up front and the crowd is all in.  Since this was a free show there were people who didn’t know this band there.  For crowds like this, you need to grab their attention up front and this song certainly did that.  From there the crowd was led into “Bite Your Kiss” which continued to hold the attention.  At this point in the set, a cover of Skid Row’s “Youth Gone Wild” was performed and, from that point on, the crowd started to build with more people venturing in from the street and the front bar.  While this is arguably one of the most recognized songs of the genre, seeing it performed by a female singer is a unique perspective and Diamante can certainly deliver on the vocal.  The set continues on like that throughout the night and the crowd doesn’t shrink.    

Shows like this are much appreciated on the scene.  A good local venue with a free show at the start of the weekend, and to see a female fronted rock band that really delivers is an added bonus.  The crowd seemed to be mixed with people who know Diamante, tourists just checking the show out and locals who go to many shows to support the scene.  Diamante delivers a solid rock show that people will not be disappointed by mixing her original music with some well-placed covers.  The songs are catchy but in no way is that a bad thing, they are the type of songs that people will remember.  Even if you haven’t heard the songs, lyrics are going to be stuck in your head. 

They are about to head out opening for Steel Panther which will expose this band to huge crowds and they are certain to be a hit with their solid songs, musicianship and the stage presence of Diamante.  The band genuinely seemed to care that everyone was having a good time and took time to meet fans, sign autographs and have a drink with them after the show.  Overall it was a successful show and performance that is sure to gain some new fans for this band.  I only see that growing as they take off on this upcoming tour.  It will be interesting to see where this band goes from here.  Catch them when they come to your town.

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Beauty Bar
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Event Date: 30-NOV-2017

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