Prong brings their Zero Days 2018 Tour to Las Vegas with Powerflo for a night of heavy metal.

Tonight in Las Vegas there are a lot of options of shows to see all clustered in a reasonably close area, but it is clear many are anxious to see some straight up heavy metal at the Backstage Bar and Billiards.  This is a small scale venue that has been bringing in more and more shows lately and this is clearly appreciated by the music community.  The crowd starts off relatively small but builds and by the time Powerflo takes to the stage, the room is fairly full and the crowd is ready for the show.

Powerflo from Los Angeles California have their roots going back to the 90’s with its members being from powerhouses like Cyprus Hill, Biohazard, and Fear Factory.  This is a straight up heavy metal band, but you can definitely hear the influences of the bands, particularly Biohazard and Fear Factory, in their music.  Senen Reyes delivers a vocal that is powerful yet a departure from the Cyprus Hill style.  The energy of the band is intense with Billy Grazaidei getting up on the stage barrier to get in the face of the fans and Ray Lozano bringing as much energy to the other side of the stage.  Their set is fast-paced and features songs from their self-titled album including “My M.O,” “Finish the Game,” “Where I Stay,” and “Victim of Circumstance” closing out their set.  This is an intense 40 minutes of music.

Prong fronted by Tommy Victor is another band with a long history with roots to the mid-80s.  This New York heavy metal band has had a longevity that many others have missed and there is a reason for this.  Most people are familiar with their big song “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck,” but they are so much more than that.  With twelve albums and a career going on 30 years, there is no arguing their appeal.  This three-piece has songs that are filled with heavy riffs and hooks that get stuck in your head all with that east coast metal sound.  

The band takes the stage at almost 1 AM and the crowd is not complaining about the late hour.  From the moment he walks on the stage it is clear Tommy has come to perform.  He is working on pumping the crowd up from the first moment and he doesn’t let up.  The set is filled with songs that the crowd wants to hear from “Forced into Tolerance,” “Beg to Differ,” and “Revenge….Best Served Cold.” Of course, the aforementioned “Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck,” is played as the final song of the set before the encore.  During all these songs Tommy displays an intense energy with various jumps and at other times shredding a guitar at the front of the stage right in the face of the up close and personal crowd.  Mike Longworth is an excellent bassist which Tommy takes time to comment on during the set.  This current lineup has been in place since 2016 and it is a strong one that the fans clearly support.  

After fourteen songs and a two-song encore, the set is over.  It is late, but the crowd doesn’t mind.  They just witnessed an excellent show with two strong heavy metal bands full of history.  If this is what the Backstage Bar and Billiards has in store for the future the music community of Las Vegas is in for a treat.

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Event Date: 07-APR-2018

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