The band who are currently labeled “The Next Big Thing” in rock, Greta Van Fleet, entertain a sold-out Lincoln Hall. 

If you have not heard the name Greta Van Fleet this year, where have you been? The four-piece from Frankenmuth, Michigan have taken the world by storm, being branded by critics and fans as the next Led Zeppelin, here to save the future of rock n roll. With such big shoes to fill and high aspirations, can they live up to this hype? A sold-out Lincoln Hall certainly thinks so. 

The hall was filled to capacity, with the crowd spilling through the doors to the bar, people cramming in, desperately trying to catch of glimpse of the new phenomenon. There pull is from far and wide, with some audience members having traveled all the way from New Orleans and everywhere in between, just to be here tonight. This was a crowd of varying ages, desperate to see their favorite band for the first or umpteenth time.

With two EPs under their belts, they have certainly accrued an impressive following. Their US tour spans up until December 30 with all future dates already sold out. Tonight’s show was in such high demand that after selling out so quickly, tickets were soon being resold for $100+ which is crazy considering they were only $14 to start with. It’s fair to say that you won’t get to see these boys perform in such an intimate setting for long.

For such a young band, the impact they have made this year is impressive. Twin brothers Josh (vocals) and Jake Kiszka (guitar) are 21 years old, and younger brother Sam (bass) and friend Danny Wagner (drums) are a mere 18 years of age. As soon as you Josh open his mouth, you can immediately hear where the Led Zeppelin comparisons come from. It’s no mean feat being compared to a singer such as Robert Plant. As a band, their performance is slick. They may not have a huge number of songs in their repertoire yet, but what they do have is executed to perfection. Jake is an impressive guitarist, who still managed to pull off intricate riffs whilst playing the guitar behind his head during “Edge of Darkness.”

Also proving that they have the chops to live up to their ever-growing reputation, they paid homage to the great Howlin’ Wolf with a cover of his “Evil is Goin’ On”.

2017 has been a mammoth year for these guys, and it will be intriguing to see what next year will bring. For a band that is so new on the scene, the reaction they receive from the crowd is outstanding. Their performance sounds just like they do on their recordings. Add to that the atmosphere of being in these intimate surroundings, and you have the perfect recipe for a great night of pure rock n roll. It surely won’t be long before they are moving on to bigger venues, if tonight’s show is anything to go by.   

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Event Date: 30-NOV-2017

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