In front of another maximum capacity crowd, Brett Young brings his Caliville Tour to The Intersection in Grand Rapids, MI on Thursday night.

After announcing his debut headlining tour, Brett Young has been performing to full house crowds across the country.  The show on Thursday night is no exception as The Intersection becomes the 13th consecutive date to sell out since the Caliville Tour has embarked on a 21 city tour.  

Joining Brett on the tour is the ever popular newcomer, Carly Pearce.  This Kentucky native has taken over country music throughout 2017 as she currently stands now being the only female in the Top 5 on country radio.

While opening with songs “Color” and “Careless” from her debut album Every Little Thing, Carly also took time to welcome the eager crowd and introduce herself.  She spoke of how she convinced her father to allow her to quit high school and be home tutored so that she could take a performance job singing at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN.  She added that although she hasn’t met most everybody in the crowd, that almost all would have something in common.  Talking of how being a teenager you can’t wait to get as far away from your parents and hometown as you can, but yet she would give anything to be able to go back and sit at the kitchen table and be able to talk to her grandfather again.  She would tell the 16 year old Carly that she should appreciate her hometown just a little bit more.  That is why the song “I Need A Ride Home” is a very special song for her.

Carly next sings “If My Name Was Whiskey,” a song that is inspired by her love for wine but yet some of the consequences and questionable decisions that have taken place with red wine and a hot ex-boyfriend.

One year ago she wouldn’t have believed that she would now be sitting here with a #1 single.  All she has ever wanted to do was to be able to play country music.  She wrote the song “Every Little Thing” as a healer to help her get over a boyfriend who crushed her heart.  As the notes on the keyboard start to play and the crowd cheers, Carly gets a devilish grin on her face and softly says “Thank You” to the heart-breaker who has changed her life forever with a promising career that has no signs of stopping any time soon.  Carly shows a vulnerable side to herself with raw emotion and heart-filled sincerity during the performance of her huge debut single.

Carly fulfills her time on stage with “9 to 5,” a dedication back to her former employer Dolly Parton. 

As Brett takes to the stage, he is welcomed by a wall of screaming frenzied females who have stood at the front of the stage all throughout the evening, just waiting to be one of the lucky ones at the front barrier.  Brett opens with three songs “Close Enough,” “Memory Won’t Let Me” and “Makin’ Me Say” while traveling back and forth making eye contact with his fans.

Playing a game with the crowd, Brett asks “By a show of hands, how many of you have been broken up with? Hold them up…if you are over the age of 10 your holding it up or lying.  So leave them up if while being broken up with you heard these words “I – Hope – That – We – Can –  Still – Be – Friends.””  As the band starts, he introduces “Like I Loved You” as his current single on country radio.

Growing up in southern California, Brett moved to Nashville four years ago where it was scary at first due to not knowing anyone or having anyone to fall back on.  After a short time, he was invited to a number one party with a friend for some networking.  While one of the two writers was up to get his award, he didn’t talk about the song he had just won an award for.  He instead told the story of how his wife, 18-month-old daughter and he left Texas at 18 years old and moved to Nashville with only a $1000 dollars and some food stamps so that he could be a songwriter.  After arriving in Nashville he said that he was going to get a real job so that he could put food on the table and provide for his family.  His wife told him “no,” saying that if we are going to be poor then we will be poor, but we moved here so that you could be a songwriter and that is what you are going to do.  Today he has many number one singles and was accepting his second award for a #1 song.  He thanked his wife and called her his “Beautiful Believer” which sparked Brett into writing a song about her.  

Slowing the tempo down, Brett is accompanied by his keyboardist as they perform the crowd-pleasing Leonard Cohen cover of “Hallelujah.”

Next Brett has a seat on one of two wooden stools at center stage as he calls Carly Pearce back out to join him in singing a song together.  The crowd instantly erupts with cheers as Carly sits down beside Brett.  Claiming to be friends for a while now, he mentions of them playing in many venues and non-venues together in the past.  He was glad when she signed with the Big Machine Label Group and they became label mates.  He felt that there was nobody better than Carly to join him on his first tour.  Feeling there should be a song that they can sing together, “Whiskey Lullaby” has become the song of choice.  During the master performance by the two, you get lost feeling a chemistry that makes you feel as if the song was written about them. 

With all the couples in the room feeling romantic, Brett keeps the mood going with “In Case You Didn’t Know,” his second released single and first #1 hit. 

Brett takes a moment which he calls his “favorite time of the night” where he gets to introduce his band and give them a chance to showcase their talents.  While they play “Crazy Love” Brett sits on his stool and admires his band during their solo performances.

Ending his set, Brett closes out with “You Ain’t Here To Kiss Me” and “Left Side Of Leavin’.”  As Brett leaves the stage and the lights go down, the crowd instantly chants for him to return for more.      

Brett reappears for an encore and gets crowd assistance to sing “Mercy” and conclude with his debut hit “Sleep Without You.”  The crowd once again, cheers and thanks, Brett as he exits off the stage, from another sold outshow.  

With all the positives coming from his first headlining tour, it is safe to say that Brett Young has a new home in Nashville with a bright career ahead.

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