Blake Shelton and friends make a stop in Grand Rapids for a sold-out show at the Van Andel Arena as part of his Country Music Freaks Tour. 

At the end of 2017, Blake Shelton announced his next tour for 2018 calling it his Country Music Freaks Tour.  The tour is going to consists of 14 dates with Grand Rapids, MI being stop number four along the way.  Included on the tour is special guest Trace Adkins, fellow Warner Music Group label mate Brett Eldredge, and the hot new female artist Carly Pearce.

Shortly after tickets went on sale, all 12,ooo tickets were swept up and gone as people didn’t want to take a chance on missing the star-studded line-up of “Freaks” perform together. 

Carly Pearce opens the show in Grand Rapids to a fury of warm greeters as the crowd cheers on to get the night started.  Included as one of the 2018 New Faces Of Country Music, Carly has set the Country Music on fire with her rapid success as a female artist.  

Performing songs from her 2017 debut album Every Little Thing, Carly gets support from the crowd as they assist her as background vocalist with her current single “Hide The Wine” and her breakout debut #1 title track single.

The 2014 CMA New Artist Of The Year Brett Eldredge takes the stage next to all the screaming fans in the crowd.  Brett performs songs from his three studio albums Bringing You Back and Illinois including his current self-titled album, Brett Eldredge.  

Opening his performance with “Super Hero” there is no turning back as Brett has the magical abilities to turn his show into a series of memorable moments surrounded by music that clings to a person’s soul and causes them to enjoy that moment.  During his set, Brett continuously visits with all the crowd as he walks out to the sides of the stage and out the front berth acknowledging all the fans in the crowd. 

Brett then rolls thru his musical library of #1 hit singles “Beat Of The Music,” “Mean To Me,” “Wanna Be That Song” and his first with “Don’t Ya.”  

Wanting to be more serious and deeper with love songs, he wrote his current single “The Long Way” hoping to be able to show more of that side of him. 

In addition to his time on stage, Brett calls for his full-time tour partner Edgar to join him on stage as the crowd cheers with approval.  Edgar is Brett’s dog that has become just as popular as his owner.  While on stage he performs for the crowd by flipping a dog treat off the tip of his nose into his mouth.  

Brett finishes his set with his 2015 #1 hit single “Lose My Mind.”

Just as quickly as the lights go down, they start to come back up as a round video screen enlightens at center stage where the band filters out from.  The crowd starts to go wild as Blake Shelton appears from under the video screen.  

Becoming one of the most successful artists in country music today, Blake has become just as popular off stage as he has on stage singing.  As a coach on the popular NBC TV show The Voice, Blake has won a coveted 6 times out of the 13 years as the coach to the winning contestant.  He has also won numerous awards for Video Of The Year, Song Of The Year, Album Of The Year and Male Vocalist Of The Year along with other awards over the past 17 years of his professional musical career.

 With a music library of 11 studio albums with 38 singles and 25 #1 hit songs, Blake claims that we will be here all night as the crowd continues to cheer loudly and supportive.

Blake makes mention of stepping off the bus at the rear of the venue where he is approached by an officer of the law who makes him nervous at first.  He proceeds to tell of the officer stating to Blake that is unlawful to perform in the state of Michigan without playing drinking songs.  As Blake raises his BS labeled plastic cup in the air, he guarantees the crowd that he will play drinking songs so as not to be arrested later after the show.  As the crowd cheers again, he takes a sip from his cup and begins to “Drink On It.”

Acknowledging all the pretty woman in the crowd, Blake points to a gentleman in the front row and tells him that he should be proud of the one he is with.  Blake dedicates “A Guy With A Girl” to him and all the other gentlemen in the crowd who came with a pretty girl. 

Over the past 11 years Blake has written and performed many songs and “Mine Would Be You” is his favorite song to perform for his fans.  

Off his current album Texoma Shore, Blake introduces his newest release “I Lived It” before going back old school with crowd-pleasing early hits “Some Beach” and “Ol’ Red” before returning to his most current #1 single “I’ll Name The Dogs.”

Taking a break to slow it down, Blake drops back to a soft dark moment with “Came Here To Forget” and “Home” where his voice and lights softly fades with him claiming “I’m coming back home.”

As the lights come back up, Blake starts to sing “Lonely Tonight” when he is joined on stage by his opening artist Carly Pearce for the duet.  Originally sang with Ashley Monroe of the Pistol Annies, Blake shows excitement and claims that he is happy and that it is nice to have someone to sing the song with again.

Blake continues on with “Sure Be Cool If You Did” before the stage blacks out and he disappears off into the darkness.

As the lights come back up, the deep voice of Trace Adkins rings throughout the Van Andel Arena before he emerges on stage as Blake’s special guest.  With the crowd cheering loudly, Trace begins with “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” and follows right in with “You’re Gonna Miss This.”  

During “Ladies Love Country Boys” Trace teases the females by shaking his hips and his deep voice.

Blake returns to the stage and gives Trace a hug and tries to give him a kiss before being brushed off by Trace.  Blake whines and claims that he is the sexiest man alive based on People Magazine in November 2017.  Trace grins and tells Blake “you aren’t the sexiest man on stage, and you aren’t even the sexiest man on The Voice”  to which the crowd laughs with Trace. 

Out to the end of the berth of the stage, Trace and Blake sit at bar stools with their guitars and perform an acoustic sing-off with Blake singing “Who Are You When I’m Not Looking” and Trace with “Every Light In The House Is On.”  With the crowd cheering they turn their lights on on their cell phones and wave them in the darkness while Trace edges out Blake in the sing-off.

Blake then adds that “Hillbilly Bones” is a song that he and Trace sing but it is not their song.  He than adds that they have written a song together that is more personal and has more meaning and may even cause Trace to cry while performing.  Trace starts as each gives each other a dig before claiming “You’re Still An Asshole To Me” in the comical parody.  As the crowd cheers again, they finish their time on stage together with their duet hit “Hillbilly Bones.”

As Trace leaves the stage, Blake continues on with his first #1 from 2001 and debut single “Austin,” that leads into “Honey Bee” where he is caught looking over to his girlfriend Gwen Stefani who is standing off to the side of the stage absorbing it all in. 

Blake finishes up his set with his 2013 hit “Boys ‘Round Here” before exiting off the stage.

After being cheered back on stage for an encore, Blake calls out Brett Eldredge to help sing “It’s All About Tonight” as they both walk up the stage berth before dropping to their knees on each side to give autographs and selfies to those off to the side of the stage.

Blake ends his show with “God Gave Me You” where he stands off to the side of the stage and sings to Gwen still standing off on the side of the stage.

After the two-plus hour performance, there is not a question as to why Blake is widely liked by many as he makes sure to entertain to all who attends his show.  At the end of the evening, he has made an impact and won the approval of the drinking crew and the lovebirds alike as he performed for each of them.

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Event Date: 22-FEB-2018