Khemmis bring an avalanche of metal to the Loving Touch in Ferndale, MI and enthrall the audience with a mystical performance.

Khemmis are taking their free day from the Decibel tour with Enslaved to treat their Detroit area fans with a dose of doom at the Loving Touch in Ferndale, MI. Given the influx of people as the doors open, this should prove to be a glorious night of music.

Opening the show is Bubak from Ypsilanti, MI. It seems incomprehensible to hear and feel so much sound from a two-piece. This stoned and doomed duo pulls no punches as they assail the audience with the might and punishing weight of their music. The riffs pound the air as the vocals cast visions of turmoil and rage. The audience moves up close to the band as if they are drawn by hooks digging deep into their minds.

Rock and Roll chaos spitting with acerbic wit is what Golden Torso have come to deliver. It is not clear if the crowd is ready to handle the weird and wonderful mayhem that is Golden Torso. Their music is a force of punk, hardcore, and in your face rock. The effect of the music combined with the spirited ravings of their vocalist gives you a glimpse into a cocaine-fueled roadside revival. This performance was so damn good it’s stupid.

The words bleak, terrifying, and monstrous aptly fit the band 1000 Yard Stare. True to the detachment implied in their name, the band’s focus is completely dedicated to their music. Facing their amplifiers or looking through you, their purpose is to compose the soundtrack to the death of all-stars. The low-end dominated riffs slam into the neocortex demanding the attention of the crowd. Hearing their performance allows the audience to detach from the hell that surrounds us.

You can feel the energy level in the Loving Touch burning hot as Khemmis hits the stage. The ravenous fans throw the horns and headbang with gusto as the band digs into “Above The Water” from the brilliant ‘Hunted’ album. The twin leads of Phil Pendergast and Ben Hutcherson blazed with splendor as Zach Coleman (drums) and Dan Beiers (bass) laden the air with righteous thunder.

“Candlelight” stokes the fire within the fans as they reach toward the band. The contrast of the soaring vocals of Pendergast with the rumbling growl of Hutcherson is striking. Ben Hutcherson informs the audience that the band’s new album is complete and will be released this year. He asks if anyone would like to hear a new song. With a resounding cheer of approval, Khemmis play “Isolation” from the forthcoming album to be released by Nuclear Blast.

Khemmis close their vital performance with “The Bereaved”. Their genuine endearment for the fans is uplifting. The passion on both sides of the stage affirms the long life ahead for metal and the beguiling music of Khemmis.

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Event Date: 22-FEB-2018

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