Check out the new video for “Thank You” premiering exclusively right here on National Rock Review.

Norway’s indie rock/blues group, The NaveBlues, are known for their visionary music videos. In their new video “Thank You” (a Led Zeppelin cover) you’re seeing through the eyes of a female pioneer being the first settler on Mars.

Throughout the video, the woman is on the red planet in the year 2100, cycling through a ton of emotions. Her home on Mars is shockingly beautiful, but she’s all alone. Her fascination within the video is the magnificent wall-length window showing a Martian landscape. There she stands, hypnotized by the lonesome scenery of the extraterrestrial desert. By the end of the video, viewers see a stunning sunset on Mars. It’s a science fiction story with a touching conclusion straight from the imagination of an explorer.

The song itself is familiar to any classic rock fan. The original version of “Thank You” was on Led Zeppelin’s second album titled Led Zeppelin II in 1969. The NaveBlues version of “Thank You” retains the intensity of the original along with a few surprises. Instead of replicating Jimmy Page’s guitar solo, their version features an impressive harmonica lead.

What’s special about The NaveBlues is that they don’t want to be known as just a blues group. They want to be known as something different, yet familiar, with their influences from rock, indie-genres, alternative, funk, and of course, the blues.

The NaveBlues released “Thank You” on their self-titled album on May 31, 2016. You can buy the album on Amazon and iTunes.

The NaveBlues
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