I have a general rule about singles released prior to a full length album or E.P.; I don’t like to review them as I like to experience an album as a whole work. There are of course, those occasional exceptions where as it is in rock and roll, the rules are irrelevant. Case in point, the new song from the Southern Sludge band Crowbar, a rule breaker if ever there was a call for one.

The new crowbar album, Symmetry in Black, will be released on May 27th, 2014 on E One Entertainment. This will be the tenth studio release from the New Orleans band since 1991. There is a lot of interest in the new Crowbar album for a few reasons. First, it is the 25th anniversary for the band. Second, they have a new bass player in Jeff Golden. And finally, Kirk Windstein (vocals, guitar, songwriter) left his well-known side project, Down, to fully concentrate on Crowbar.

The song, Walk With Knowledge Wisely, is not one to disappoint a Crowbar fan. It has all the elements that make up a Crowbar song. It is first and foremost, HEAVY. Kirk is not call the ‘Riff Lord’ for the hell of it. He churns out riffs in a thick, sludgy and often doom laden manner. Crowbar’s motto is “tune low, play slow” and that is just what they do. This is a mid tempo number with an aggressive riff that comes crushing in after a drum intro.

Kirk’s vocals are raspy, nasty, and just full of pure metal aggression. The great thing about Crowbar, even with the extreme aggression, Kirk always manages to sing a melody in his gravely way and there is a lot a guitar harmony to boot. Most heavy music tends to be heavy for the sake of heavy. Crowbar however, employs heavy with melody harmony, two elements that make a song great.

This new song is a true Crowbar classic; heavy, moving, memorable, and always with a killer groove that makes you move! I look forward to hearing the rest of the new album!

Crowbar is:
Kirk Windstein – vocals, guitars
Matthew Brunson – guitars
Tommy Buckley – drums
Jeff Golden – bass

Crowbar online:

Photo credit: Zack Smith

Walk With Knowledge Wisely


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