Allegeaon brings a modern melodic death metal sound to a packed house at The Token Lounge with an incredible group of supporting acts.

First to hit the stage was Carnis Immortalis. Building their musical roots from their origins in Garden City, MI, Carnis Immortalis brought their special twist of death metal to the stage. With influences stemming from GWAR, Slayer, and Job for a Cowboy, these young musicians are passionate and ready to thrash all night long. The vocals are shared between the lead singer and bassist. This collaboration put some good layers of background vocals into the mix. Jalen Wallace (vocals), Jesse Buehler (guitars, vocals), Craig Kirk (guitar), Kyle Wagner (bass, vocals), and Shane Baker (drums) performed a great show.

Next up was The Agonist. This female-fronted metal band from Montreal knows how to get the audience up and moving around. Supporting the newest release of Eye of Providence (Century Media), The Agonist shared some of their well written songs with the Token Lounge Thursday night. The Agonist lineup includes Vicky Psarakis (vocals), Danny Marino (guitar), Chris Kells (bass), Simon McKay (drums), and Pascal “Paco” Jobin (guitar).

The performance of Product of Hate combined Metal, Thrash, and Groove into a vibe that was both modern and heavy. Stemming from Kenosha, WI, POH had the audience at attention with heavy guitars and rock solid drumming. Based on Austrian Metal Powerhouse label Napalm Records, POH has won the support of Laney Amplification an ESP guitars. The vocalist performed on point and the guitar work supporting his vocals was harmonically perfect. This is an awesome group to watch and be part of. The members are Adam Gilley (vocals), Cody Rathbone (guitar), Gene Rathbone (lead guitar), Mark Campbell (bass), and Mike McGuire (drums).

Finally, what each audience member was waiting for, the Allegaeon show. It’s been said Allegaeon has a sound similar to a modern melodic death metal vibe. Based on Metal Blade Records, Allegaeon has secured multiple endorsements such as Jackson Guitars, D’Addario, and Evans Drum Heads. Based in Denver/Fort Collins, Colorado, Allegaeon has toured the country supporting their most recent release and will continue on after tonight’s performance.

Classically trained guitarist Greg Burgess played an eight-string guitar with great style and the chops of a professional. It was an experience to watch him play. At one point, it was a tap-o-thon with the stringed instruments. Bass and two guitarist performing finger tapping riffs. It was an incredible sight.

During the set, a mascot for Allegaeon came out on stage and moshed to some of the heaviest grooves this part of the country has heard. The vocalist would conduct portions of the song as well as the audience. What a true passionate frontman. Be on the radar for more exciting things to come from Allegaeon. Members are Ezra Haynes (vocals), Greg Burgess (guitar), Michael Stancel (guitar), Corey Archuleta (bass), and Brandon Park (drums).

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