Folk Metal band from Sweden release video for “ELDHJARTA.”

Grimner has recently teamed up with New Noise Magazine to debut the video for the first single off their forthcoming full-length album named “Frost Mot Eld” expected on March 26. The video was taken just west of Stockholm on a mountain in Uvberget. The band states the video was shot “on an ice cold day, which gave us the epic feeling we were going for.”

Grimner is composed of six members who refer to themselves as “Vikings.” The lineup includes Ted Sjulmark (vocals, lead guitar), Marcus Asplund Brattberg (vocals, rhythm guitar), David Fransson (bass guitar), Kristoffer Kullberg (keyboards), Johan Rydberg (flutes, mandola, bagpipes), and Henry Persson (drums). The group embodies folk instruments like flutes and mandolas to create their unique brand of melodic metal.

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