VMs return to play a sold out London Show.

The Lexington was packed to the rafters for the return of The Virginmarys, their first live show in London for a year, and one of only two UK gigs However, the VM fans were out in force hoping to hear new material from their soon to be released second album.

The Monarks and Hello Operator opened the evening and were warmly received by all, both are certainly worth looking out for in the future.

Loud cheers greeted the Macclesfield trio as they took to the stage. They’ve certainly been missed by the southern half of the UK. A few words of thanks from Ally for the fans patience and then bang! The cymbals crash as drummer Danny Dolan starts the opening song, Ally Dickaty’s guitar blends effortlessly into the intro of “Running for My Life,” while Matt Rose’s thumps out a rhythmic bass you just can’t help but move your hips too. Dickaty’s voice is versatile, moving from an almost quiet story telling of the lyrics to delivering a screaming in your face end in other parts. This is what London has been missing, hard-hitting, punky rock with creative lyrics from the heart and soul.

The set is a superb blend of the band’s well-known songs from early EPs plus their first album, King of Conflict. Combining these with the promise of what lies ahead when their new album is released is a blueprint on how to treat loyal fans.

The raucous crowd sings along to each and every one with such gusto, choruses of “Just A Ride,” “You’ve Got Your Money, I’ve Got My Soul,” and “Bang, Bang, Bang” will see many with a sore throat in the morning. There’s almost silence though whilst listening intently to the unknown new ones, but it doesn’t last long. The latest released single, “Into Dust” gets played, and another anthem is born. It perfectly sums up the relationship between the VMs and their fans, the words have been learned in a week and they scream the chorus back. If the band were looking for love, they find it right there in the room.

The whole room is a sweaty mess by the time the closing song is played, a perfect ending to a brilliant gig with “Dead Man’s Shoes” thrashing out the evening. Everyone is left ringing in the ears.

New single, “Into Dust,” is available now to download and The Virginmarys second album is due out in 2016.

Set List:
Running For My Life, Halo, Just A Ride, Free To do Whatever They Say, You’ve Got Your Money, I’ve Got My Soul, For You My love, Portrait Of Red, Motherless Land, Kill The Messenger, Taking The Blame, Dressed To Kill, Lost Weekend, Moths To A Flame, Into Dust, Bang Bang Bang

Push The Pedal And Drive, Dead Man’s Shoes

Author: Alan Wells

National Rock Review Photographer Eric Duvet was behind the lens for the night.

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