For the third night in a row, King Diamond ruled over New York City with thrash veterans, Exodus.

Fans have been thrashing to Exodus since the release of their debut album Bonded By Blood in 1985, and tonight, it was as if the mosh pit never stopped. From “Body Harvest” and the title track from 2014’s Blood In, Blood Out to 1985’s “Strike of the Beast” and “Bonded by Blood,” Exodus hyped the crowd into a frenzy that could only be tamed by one man… King Diamond.

All eyes were on the King as he took the stage with authority. He moved effortlessly between fan favorites “Halloween” and “Them” and Mercyful Fate classics, “Melissa” and “Come To The Sabbath,” his voice sounding supernaturally strong.

And then came Abigail.

King Diamond performed his legendary album, Abigail, in its entirety. Between guttural growls and seemingly impossibly high screams, he acted out scenes from the concept album with some help from guests alive, dead, and undead.

After tonight’s remarkable performance, it was clear to all in attendance that King Diamond’s title is well deserved.

Photos from this performance provided by Brian Matus.

King Diamond
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