Stags belt out their bluesiest set yet for their London fans at The Blues Kitchen. Yer a blues, Stags! Yer a blues…

Stags have been known to turn up the heat at their live shows, and tonight as the band line checks, it becomes evident that it’s going to get pretty steamy in this kitchen. They open with the recently featured single, “The the Looking Glass”, instantly energising the packed house. “The Man Who Can”, came shortly after and is proving to be a crowd favourite with its smooth guitar harmonies and bluesy harmonica.

They take it down a gear with “Only God Knows”, a soulful and emotive soft-rock ballad. Mid-set, they fire it up again with a gospel-fueled bluesy jam on the notes of “Slave” by the Stones. In fact, the whole experience is reminiscent of The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus — and it feels great. If the evening must come to an end, then “Night Time Voices” is a fitting choice as it teases the audience with its explosive guitar, haunting rhythm, and lingering vocals. It also happens to be the name of their newest EP released last month by The Secret Warehouse of Sound.

Stags introduced a couple of new tunes they say were written during the bands’ trip to the Italian countryside this Summer, where they laid down 11 new tracks in eight days. It sounds like an album is in the works for the near future — stay peeled. Lucky London residents will have the opportunity to catch Stags again at The Blues Kitchen in Camden on 13 October.

Jean-Pierre Bonello has kindly provided all photos on the night featured in this gallery.

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Jean-Pierre Bonello

Event Date: 23-Sep-2016

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