Shim Moore’s new band, Screaming at Demons, debuts their powerful music video at a Hollywood event benefitting Homeless Rock Stars.

Shimon Moore, formerly of Sick Puppies, is known for his humanitarianism, putting the band on the map with their video for “Free Hugs” back in 2006.  Now that the band members have gone their separate ways, Shim is back with a new band and a new project.

The band is called Screaming at Demons and consists of Moore, guitarist Russell Ali, and bassist Chris Clemence.  Their first song, “Rockstar,” was written for and the proceeds benefit the Homeless Rock Stars program.

Homeless Rock Stars, the brainchild of photographer Nigel Skeet, provides homeless people with a makeover and rock star photo shoot. The star of both video and the premiere was a girl named Jessie Valley who was living in a tent with her dog when she met Skeet. Homeless Rock Stars made her over, sent her to cooking school, and she is now the official caterer of Homeless Rock Stars. Moore said it best at the event, “This is not about trying to change the world, this is about trying to change the individual.”

The song is not available on iTunes or Spotify; it can only be purchased with a donation to Homeless Rock Stars.  To purchase the tune, text ROCK STAR to 91999, or visit  Screaming at Demons has also partnered with Vevo to make the powerful and moving music video available to everyone.

Skeet revealed plans to stage more Homeless Rock Stars events, with the next one scheduled for Veteran’s Day in Santa Rosa, California.

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