Thrice along with Balance and Composure, Chon and Circa Survive rocked the house at the Fillmore Detroit on Sunday.

Co-headlining the night was Thrice who are supporting their 9th album release To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere, which was made available in 2016. Once this tour has finished the band will head back into the studio to record their amazing 10th album.

Bringing their own taste of rock and roll from Orange California the band took the stage with authority and played an amazing set. With the Breckenridge brothers holding down thick grooves on the bass and drums, Dustin and Teppei laid a nice mix of well-written guitar lines and vocal melodies which fused everything into one outstanding song after another.

An energized crowd sang along with each song the band played as if they had written the words themselves. The connection the band has built with their fans will most definitely keep Thrice current with today’s music trends.

Also co-headlining the night was Circa Survive. While supporting their latest album release The Amulet this band originating from Doylestown, PA brought an instant high level of energy the moment they took the stage.

Having formed in 2012 Circa Survive has cultivated not only a strong following of fans but also a tight and strong set of songs. A few song favorites of the night were “Lustration”, Tunnel Vision”, “Frozen Creek” and “Get Out.” From the first to last song every moment the band performed was filled with 100% passion and execution and it showed with many in the crowd reaching toward the stage with their hands to grab and hold on to moment. A job well done.

Opening up the night was Balance and Composure who also originate from Doylestown, PA. This city has brought yet another amazing group to Detroit and the night was off to a great start. Playing songs from a newly released album titled Light We Made the set was full of melodies that took you on a journey into the creative minds and souls of the writing style that has brought this group into the spotlight. The band had a great selection of colorful vinyls available supporting their latest release.

Also supporting the night was Sumerian Records artist Chon. With a June 16 release of their album Homey the band brought their amazing musicianship to the Fillmore stage. The drummer and bassist together laid down a very solid foundation of progressive sounds with style and made the challenging musical transition between songs look easy.

Without having a dedicated vocalist the two guitarists took care of the situation by combining a lead vocal melody being played on guitar, a harmony guitar line, a rhythm guitar line as well as a lead guitar part. You may ask yourself how they were able to play four different parts. The answer to this question is they each used two hands, 8 fingers and two thumbs to create a unique blend of guitar mastery during tempos that ranged from 60 to over 120 beat per minute. For such a young talented group of musicians, this band brought an unbelievable show of experience to the stage.

Upon leaving the venue each band had a well laid out assortment of graphically cool and colorful merchandise to purchase. Each of the four artists made a positive impact on the Detroit music scene that night and will be welcomed back with open arms next time their in town.

Detroit says “Thank you”.

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Event Date: 03-Dec-2017