Imminent Sonic Destruction celebrates 10 years of spellbinding progressive super metal with their fans at the Loving Touch in Ferndale, MI.

Imminent Sonic Destruction are the originators of progressive super metal. At the Loving Touch in Ferndale, they set out to flex their impressively ripped riffs through heroic songs of fire and ice. This show kicks off the creation of the Imminent Sonic Destruction fan club. The show is being recorded live and will be available as an exclusive bonus to fan club members. In addition, everyone at the show receives a pair of 3D glasses to amaze their friends and family while enjoying the performance.

Setting the evening off on a pummeling note is Iron Belly. The band makes thunderous music which fans of bands such as Unsane, Nailbomb, and Helmet will enjoy. Iron Belly recently released their debut EP called ‘High Horse’. The band is comprised of Tim Cassidy (bass), Jim Doyle (guitar), and Jeremy Bussey (drums/keyboards). Besides generating fist clenching riffs, each member of the band takes on vocal duties. This adds to the variety of emotive expressions that Iron Belly musters. From the appreciative cheers and headbanging, it looks like Iron Belly gained new fans with their performance.

Performing their first show as a band, Lux Terminus from Cleveland are stunning. Vikram Shankar (keyboards), Brian Craft (bass), and Matthew Kerschner (drums) move beyond song creation and into the realm of progenitors of soundscapes. All the music is instrumental with a cinematic quality. Their creations allow your mind to cast a story around each composition. You can detect similarities to Gentle Giant, Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, and Yes via their sweeping suites of sound. There is no doubt regarding the captivating quality of Lux Terminus’s dazzling debut.

Tonight’s show by Imminent Sonic Destruction is a warm and sincere thank you to their fans for their support for 10 years. As lead vocalist and guitarist Tony Piccoli mentions after the first song, the band’s goal is to dive deep into their catalog and play some crowd favorites as well as give a little taste of things to come.

To witness Imminent Sonic Destruction is to see five gifted musicians working in concert and having a blast. The drumming of Pat DeLeon is in the league of the masters such as Neil Peart and Mike Portney. When matched up with the bass gymnastics of Bryan Paxton, this rhythm section is unbeatable. Listening to the rippling groove of “The Crashing Waves” or the dynamic textures of “Temple” confirm this viewpoint.

Casting colors upon the musical canvas of Imminent Sonic Destruction is guitarist Scott Thompson, keyboardist Pete Hopersberger, and guitarist Tony Piccoli. They trade off lyrical notes on “With Death This Story Ends” and a new song called “Fledgling” which receives well deserved praise from the crowd on hand.

While covers are not typically in the set list, Imminent Sonic Destruction pulls a rabbit out of their hat with an astounding cover of Billy Joel’s “Angry Young Man”. They play this song to perfection while adding their own unique spin. One look around the room makes it clear that the fans are enthralled with the show. Some are enjoying each blissful moment with their 3D glasses for maximal sonic ferocity.

“Arborous Calm” from their latest album ‘Triumphia’ with special guest Rachel May on vocals closes out a monumental performance. The members of Imminent Sonic Destruction leave the stage to share beverages with the audience and bask in the beauty of another successful night of progressive super metal.

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Event Date: 02-DEC-2017

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