The Revivalists and The Temperance Movement hit Detroit on the second night of their Strangers in the Bright Lights fall 2016 tour.

08-Sep-2016: The Temperance Movement opened the night, bursting onto the stage bringing limitless energy to the quickly growing crowd. They started the set with the heavy, fast paced “Modern Massacre” off of their new album, White Bear. Phil Campbell was a whirlwind on vocals, with Damon Wilson thundering on the drums, while Nick Fyffe (bass), Matt White (guitar), and Paul Sayer (guitar) grooved as pillars on either side of the stage. Fan favorites “Midnight Black” and “Be Lucky” followed, with the energy in the room growing with each song.
The Temperance Movement have discovered their own unique style, capturing the essence of bluesy Southern rock mixed with a British punk rock edge. Their music is heart-pounding, soul-stirring rock music with amazing lyrics, delivered via the incredible voice of Campbell. His gruff and scorching vocals mixed with his erratic and eclectic stage presence was a fan favorite.

Highlights include the catchy “Ain’t No Telling” with killer guitar licks, the adrenaline pumping “Battle Lines,” and the groove-infused anthem “Get Yourself Free.” The band also gave the crowd their softer side with the ballad “Lovers and Fighters” and “Smouldering”; showing their ability to delve into gut-wrenching emotion. They were sure to play a healthy mix of old favorites as well as showing off tracks from their latest album.
By the time they hit their finale with the scorcher, “Take It Back,” everyone was dancing along to the kick ass groove that only these guys deliver. Following their US tour which runs through October 20, The Temperance Movement will embark on a European tour to promote White Bear offering plenty of opportunities to see them on both sides of the pond.
The band’s latest album, White Bear, is available at their website.

With the crowd revved up, The Revivalists took their places. Andrew Campanelli (drums), Zack Feinberg (guitar), Rob Ingraham (saxophone), and Michael Girardot (trumpet and keyboard) were to the left and George Gekas (bass) and Ed Williams (steel pedal guitar) to the right. Their dynamic lead singer/guitarist, David Shaw, followed taking his spot front and center. The vocalist greeted the crowd and urged them to clap as the band jumped into the catchy “BTBD.”
This seven-piece band from New Orleans moves and plays seamlessly together, filling the venue with epic jams and ecstatic energy. During “Stand Up,” Shaw jumped into the photo pit, getting up close and personal with fans while Girardot leaped off a speaker. Dancing and spinning his sax around in the air, Ingraham jumped back and forth between his baritone and alto sax.

Their sound has something for everyone. They transition from hard rock guitar licks to reggae beats to folky bluegrass harmonies. The combination of saxophone, steel guitar, trumpet, and keyboard gave a depth that is not often heard. The melodies are complex, the lyrics meaningful, and the music reaches down deep to your soul and lifts you up. A few highlights of the night were the funk-tinged “All in the Family” and the soulful “Catching Fireflies” that showcases the tasty guitar and steel guitar sound. “Masquerade” instantly had the house dancing and rocking.
Each member of the band played with a genuine passion easily felt by the entire venue. The fans were jubilant as was the band, and the joy between the two was phenomenal. The band saved some of the favorites for last, like the groovy numbers “Men Amongst Mountains” and “Wish I Knew You.” For the final punch, The Revivalists performed an out of the blue rendition of Dr. Dre and Eminem’s “Forgot About Dre”. It was an incredible show with excellent song choices that kept the venue energized and the crowd celebrating.
The band’s album, Men Amongst Mountains is available on their website.

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