Raging with power for over 30 years, Queensryche team up with their brothers in Armored Saint to deliver a metal feast to a packed house near Detroit.

Queensryche are relentlessly touring the world in support of their superb album, Condition Human. For this fall tour, they have tagged metal veterans, Armored Saint to put on a metal spectacular for the fans. Along for the ride are symphonic metal new comers, Midnight Eternal.

Midnight Eternal hail from New York and the band is on the road in support of their new self-titled debut album. After a bit of delay in getting equipment on stage, the band is ready to rock. It’s clear that for many in the audience, that this is their first taste of the band. One look about the room and you can see everyone is intent on the band, which indicates they are making their mark. Midnight Eternal are consummate musicians who put on an entertaining show.

With little delay, the immortal gods of metal, Armored Saint, hit the stage running with “Win Hands Down” off their latest album of the same title. The deep hooks of this tune draw in the fans that extend hands to make contact with their musical idols. It is clear that the band is here to have a good time and give back as much as they receive.

The setlist includes hits such as “March Of The Saint” off their first full-length album, “Long Before I Die” off Delirious Nomad, and “Chemical Euphoria” from Raising Fear. Each of these is played with passion and the fierce energy that only Armored Saint can deliver. The phenomenal new album, Win Hands Down, received some love as the band gave a nod to the piss poor way we are treating our home with “Mess.” To bring their dose of metal to a climax, Armored Saint close out their set with “Can U Deliver” featuring a three-foot tall new school metalhead on vocals and guitar.

The eyes of the fans glow in the reflection of two large video monitors flanking the stage with flashing images as Queensryche drummer extraordinaire Scott Rockenfield gets his kick rocking. There is a heightened roar from the crowd as Todd La Torre jumps on the stage. “Guardian” from their immaculate new album Condition Human sets the pace for an evening of audacious music.

“Operation: Mindcrime” elicits more cheers as Queensryche dives heavy into tunes off this seminal album as well as hits from Empire and Rage For Order. Michael Wilton crafts guitar solos that are drenched in feeling while propelling each song with a story within a story. Guitarist Parker Lundgren teams up with Wilton to add great dynamics to each tune.

Putting the punch and drive into every beat is the bass work of Eddie Jackson. His backing vocals add depth to the vocal performance and compliment La Torre. The heart of the band’s live performance lies in the ebullient vocals of Todd La Torre. He makes each song bristle with power and animal vitality. Queensryche rounds out their set with “Queen of the Reich,” “Jet City Woman,” and “Take Hold of the Flame.”

The lights drop with the video screens scrolling the band’s name and calls rise up from the audience for more. Scott Rockenfield climbs up to his kit in answer to the call and plays a short drum solo before the band returns in full. “Screaming in Digital” is followed by an exquisite version of “Eye of a Stranger” to put a cap on a magnificent evening of music.

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