Coheed and Cambria, Mastodon, and Every Time I Die fire up Michigan fans with a killer evening of hard rock and metal on The Unheavenly Skye Tour.

Kicking off the evening is Every Time I Die from Buffalo, NY. Guitarists Jordan Buckley and Andrew Williams are all over the stage with Jordan throwing in many jumps. Singer Keith Buckley joins them, working the stage and letting his hair fly. The fans who have shown up early are in for a treat as they rip through 12 songs during their brief, but high-energy set. Their set includes “Glitches” and “Map Change” from the 2016 release Low Teens and “The New Black” from all the way back on the 2005 album Gutter Phenomenon.

Next up are co-headliners, metal heavyweights, and Grammy winners Mastodon from Atlanta, Georgia. They wow fans with a complete playing on the 10th anniversary of their classic album Crack the Skye. The opening notes of “Oblivion” draw huge cheers from the crowd that has now filled the pavilion. “Divinations” kicks the band into high gear as drummer Brann Dailor lays down a wicked beat with his skillfully unique style. Brann even takes on vocal duties on several songs.

Bassist Troy Sanders and Brent both look angry as they deliver their vocals. Troy is by far the most animated and active member of the band, working it from side to side and front to back and arching backwards and various other poses. Images accompany the songs on a huge display behind the band adding to the already awe-inspiring performance. One of the highlights of their set is the epic song “The Last Baron” that showcases Brent Hinds and Bill Kelliher. They trade guitar solos and blend them into beautiful harmonies. They close out their set with 4 more songs including “High Road” from Once More ‘Round the Sun and “Mother Puncher” from 2002 album Remission.

The lights dim and “Prologue” plays while a curtain masks the stage.; The curtain drops and the fans erupt as Coheed and Cambria launch into “The Dark Sentencer” from Vaxis – Act I: The Unheavenly Creatures. Several other songs from this 2018 release make it into their set tonight including the title track, “The Gutter”, “True Ugly”, and “Old Flames”. Like many of their albums, this one is a concept album based on comic books called The Armory Wars written by vocalist and guitarist Claudio Sanchez.

Claudio is highly active as he bounces and runs about the stage, his long hair trailing behind him. He is front and center on many of the songs as he delivers his unique vocal stylings while playing guitar. He is accompanied by guitarist Travis Stever, bassist Zach Cooper, and drummer Josh Eppard. Josh seems to be having a ton of fun as he bashes the drums and sticks out his tongue.

Densely lit at times and enshrouded in a haze of smoke, the band is often just silhouettes. They also make use of images and videos on the display panels in the background that add to the songs being played. The lighting adds to the overall vibe when strobes kick in or thin beams of light in various hues shoot out in every direction.

When the band starts playing “A Favor House Atlantic”, the crowd joins in and sings the lyrics loudly. During “No World for Tommorow”, the video display has what appears to be the sun or some planet burning, which is appropriate as the band is on fire on this heavy song. They close out the set with “Old Flames” that has heavy smoke, blue lights with pink beams in back, and has the band giving their all. It once again draws huge cheers and the fans also throw their horns into the air.

Returning to the stage, they play “The Pavillion (A Long Way Back)”. And they save one of their most popular songs. “Welcome Home”, for last; with its highly recognizable opening guitar, the crowd lets out deafening applause. It’s an appropriate ending to a great set and evening of rock and metal.

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Event Date: 11-JUN-2019