Howling the white lightening gospel of rock and blues, the Red Stone Souls devoured the faithful at the Token Lounge in Westland, Michigan.

Along with Tripp ‘N’ Dixie and Drunk Dom and the Roaches, the eager crowd were treated to a spectacular night of dirty punk, soulful rock, and raging blues.

Drunk Dom and the Roaches fired up the Token Lounge first with a mélange of punk country with rock notions. Dom was a straight shooter and wasted zero time laying into their rowdy drunken lullabies. The band’s raw sound and humor gave them an entertaining stage presence. Their set ended with a twisted Mexican standoff and contestants chugging a beer at the end of their tribute to Mariachi music.

No one prepared for the all out hard rocking storm that Tripp ‘N’ Dixie unleashed during their set. Listening to this band for the first time will convert anyone to a diehard fan. The band played with a ton of passion which spell blinded their audience. Their sound is soulful rock with huge presence and range. The driving guitars matched with a searing rhythm section make this an irresistible band that will have you on your feet.

The highlight of the night was Red Stone Souls. Their 2013 release, Slow Haze Sessions, is making fans everywhere of their blues-rock elixir. However, their live performance leaves their recorded material in the dust. They pounded out tune after tune laced with blood, sweat, and hard as nails rock. The gritty blues tinged rock was excellent at high volume. The crowd soaked up all the brilliant energy the Red Stone Souls generated and gave it back with enthusiastic chants of “Red Stone Souls.”

The night was full of great music. It was a sure fire way to put a star on your weekend. The Red Stone Souls, Tripp ‘N’ Dixie, and Drunk Dom and the Roaches made for a fine night of entertainment at the Token Lounge.

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