Grab on to your prayer beads, take a few shots of holy water, and hang on for a bumpy ride. War At Heart is coming.

Luxor Records is hitting home runs with their last two at-bats. With two records hitting the same day, Jan 08, 2016, it’ll be a busy day for them. We’ve already touched on the It Lies Within offering of Paramount. And now the other punch is coming with the new album from Joplin, MO’s The Order Of Elijah and War At Heart.



Track Listing For War At Heart

01. Heresy
02. War at Heart
03. Tyler Durden
04. God’s Unwanted Children
05. From the Dusk
06. From the Dawn
07. All American Plague
08. Jennifer Mckenzie vs The Vampire Slayer (Featuring Zachary Scott)
09. Haunted
10. The Art of Forgiveness
11. Beautiful


The Order of Elijah is a five piece band based out of SW Missouri that includes Shannon Low (vocals), Josh Newlon (drums), James Copley (bass), Bryan Cox (guitar), and Myk Lee Fodor (guitar). After releasing their 2013 debut album, Dethrone, the band began touring the midwest and west coast gaining a devoted fan base eager for a new dose of TOOE music. The Jerrod Naff recorded and Nick Morris produced album features eleven stabs of metal and a guest vocal appearance by Zachary Scott from It Lies Within. The band will hit the road around the release date in the promotion of the album with Forsake The Fallen.


As we stated just a moment ago, the album has eleven tracks for all intents and purposes, but the roughly thirty-five minute long LP isn’t entirely all musical in nature. If one had to put a short description of this album in terms of other works of renown, imagine Korn’s debut album mixed with the feel of Motley Crue’s Shout At the Devil with a healthy dose of dirty vocals and deep, and sometimes, dark lyrics.

The last track offered up is “Beautiful.” It is pretty easy to know who the song is for and is touching in a very metal way. Hopefully, in twelve to fifteen years this song will be used to scare away potential suitors. The vocals from Shannon are low, primal, and about as dirty as you can get while still being understandable. Josh has one of his most taxing hit schemes in this track and comes through it unscathed while being able to hold the song together at the end.

The first track, “Heresy,” is a spoken word much like the intro to Iron Maiden’s “The Number Of The Beast.” And to add a little diversity to the mix, “From The Dusk” is an instrumental. James’ bass riffs are there front and center and make the groove what it is on the song.


We would be remiss if we didn’t touch on “Jennifer Mckenzie vs The Vampire Slayer” as our last mention from this CD. Not only does Zach from ILW make a worthy guest appearance, but the story behind the title is as good as the song itself. National Rock Review has an interview with Shannon coming soon, and you can hear the story specifically straight from the source. However, it should be noted that the shred effort is strong on this cut from Bryan and Myk. The breakdown is heavy and the guys support each others’ play quite well.

Don’t go into this with any predisposed ideas of who the band is or isn’t. Give it a listen if you like the metalcore action or are a fan of metal in general and you like the heavier stuff. See the video below and decide for yourself by all means. If you grab your copy when it drops, or you see the guys in January, let us know what you think of the experience.

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“We’ve poured quite a bit into this album over the past year. The title, War at Heart, seems to perfectly describe that season of life when reflecting upon the lyrics. After treading through a battlefield of life tragedies, divorce, and overcoming all obstacles before us, The Order of Elijah is taking 2016 with us into the relentless storm.” ~ Shannon Low