Reignwolf is an amazing act that must be experienced first hand! The band consists of Jordan “Reignwolf” Cook, Stitch, Texas Jo and no stage is large enough to hold them.

It’s just after 10pm and the smoke from the speakers is just now clearing from the stage. Jordon and the boys are behind the merch table for a meet and great. There is a swarm of people in line, and I am patiently waiting my turn with the others. I finally get to meet the man they call Reignwolf. I go to shake his hand and congratulate him on a job well done. We are both right-handed. With drenched hair and a big smile still on his face, he says “sorry man, gotta use the left. My right’s bloody and shredded up.” No worries Jordan, it’s like that for a very good reason.

Flashback a half hour ago. The Shelter in Detroit, MI is a very small venue for someone who just got off the road with Black Sabbath playing sold out arena shows. This is a non-issue for a man who would play with the same feverish energy for four people or 40,000. The stage set up is simple. No bells, whistles, or Stonehenge monuments here; the only pyrotechnics are the actual smoke coming from the speakers. The Shelter has an awesome bar in the back, but tonight it is empty because everyone in the house is squeezed as close as they can to the main attraction. For myself and the lucky few in the front, ear damage is inevitable without proper protection, but nobody seems to give a shit.

Reignwolf shreds through fan favorites like Electric Love and In the Dark with the intensity of a Category-5 hurricane. For his signature song Are You Satisfied, he breaks it down to a nothing but a call and response of the chorus, no microphones used. The highlight of the night was when he asked the audience “you mind if we come out and jam with you guys?” The drum set was picked up and placed on the audience floor. The whole band plays the rest of the show IN the audience, with Jordan standing on the bass drum. For the grand finale, Jordan jumps into the crowd and goes for a surf while still shredding.

There is no encore. None needed. Nothing can top that. After a quick towel down, Reignwolf meets every one of their new and old fans, who have just purchased the whole merch table. Reignwolf is every photographers dream. Please check out some amazing photos from the show. On a scale of 1 to 10, this show was fucking epic. And to answer your question Jordan, Yes, we are satisfied.

-Mike Leslie

Images by Chuck Marshall


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