No fan was left disappointed and all faith was restored in the legacy of progressive metal as all were witness to the Rebirth of the Reich.

There is always a split camp and sides chosen when a band breaks up and both sides continue on. For the fans of progressive metal kings, Queensryche, this is a harsh reality. But worry no more. Many will say there is no Queensryche without Geoff Tate. However, listen to Queensryche with Todd LaTorre on vocals and you will see the Ryche is alive, well, and better than ever.

Geoff Tate’s Queensryche performed in Las Vegas at the House of Blues many months ago. The performance was good and enjoyed by all in attendance. This might make it difficult as fans tend to like it when bands stay together. However, with an open-mind and not knowing what to expect, Queensryche played a show that left all blown away.

When Todd LaTorre opened his soul to sing, he left many in the audience speechless. Without question the band was exquisite. Founding members Eddie Jackson, Michael Wilton, and Scott Rockenfield, along with newer addition, Parker Lundgren, are album quality flawless. This is not surprising. Their performance could have been recorded on an iPhone and released as an album. Serious perfection.

But, what everyone was waiting to hear is how “the new guy” could pull off Queensryche quality vocals. And oh my could he. This was a goosebumps performance from start to finish.

LaTorre’s vocals are spot on and absolute. He sounds very similar to Tate, but with much more warmth and affection. Every song was true and full of life. LaTorre is exactly what Queensryche needed. He is the catalyst for their rebirth. His addition to the band pure destiny. Harmonies were haunting and transcendent. Walking the Shadow mesmerizing. Stage presence unwavering. Chemistry unbounded.

One would be hesitant to comment about how great Todd looks on stage, for fear of taking away the validity of his immense talent and complete integration within the band. Yet, most female hard rock and metal fans (this author included) are suckers for a gorgeous head of rock star hair on stage.

On top of talent, this is just a great group of guys … rock stars without a rock star attitude. While you hear stories of frontmen grabbing fans phones and smashing them apart, LaTorre was just the opposite as he takes a fans phone, sings directly into it, turns it around for a quick crowd shot, and finally hands it back. Class act.

But, that’s this band. The new Queensryche. The only Queensryche.

And the crowd here at the Cannery was fully engaged, taking it all in, and entranced. You could see people locking eyes in disbelief as LaTorre hit the high notes and brought these songs to life as they deserve. “The Lady Wore Black” was one of those moments.

As for the venue, the sound was great and the crowd wanting and willing. From very early in the afternoon the Ryche fans were everywhere. These people are die-hards … from the Las Vegas locals to that guy from Calgary that flew in for the show, Queensryche fans are unwavering. They love it and they should. The band appreciates the fans as much as the fans appreciate the band and the energy in the room was undeniably positive.

With the hour or so show completed, the band exits the stage and quickly returns for an encore, featuring “Queen of the Reich”, “Jet City Woman”, and “Take Hold of the Flame”. Impeccable from start to finish.

If you get the chance, give THEM the chance, and make sure you catch Queensryche wherever they may appear on the haphazard dartboard tour that they are currently engaged in. This is Queensryche. The one and only. Embrace it and love it. I certainly did.

Concert photography courtesy of Mike Savoia of Savoia Photography Live

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