Taking Back Sunday brings their 20th Anniversary World Tour to Las Vegas with support from The Maine.

It is clear that Taking Back Sunday has a large fan base, by the packed two nights at the House of Blues in Las Vegas for their 20th Anniversary World Tour. Sunday is the second of these two shows and for many, this is their second night seeing the band.

Up first is The Maine an American rock band from Tempe Arizona. It would be easy to mistake this band for a newcomer since their sound is very current to today, but they have been putting out albums since 2006. The open with a Blur cover of “Song 2” then move into “Don’t Come Down” and “Bad Behavior.” One of the main driving factors of this bands sound is the impressive vocal work of John O’Callaghan, bringing elements of rock and pop punk together. They are a fun band live, O’Callaghan and the rest of the members entertain the crowd while performing the songs they want to hear. The set really gets exciting toward the end when they are joined by guests, one of them being Taking Back Sunday’s front-man Adam Lazzara for “Girls Do What They Want.” This really excites the crowd before they close out with “Diet Soda Society” and “Black Butterflies & Deja Vu.”

The crowd swells as Taking Back Sunday takes the stage. They treat their fans to the entirety of their debut album Tell All Your Friends. By the fourth song “There is No I in Team” the crowd really starts to get going and we see a few begin to dance and surf. Many anniversary tours would end at this point with a small encore of the rest of their musical catalog, but not tonight. Up next is their third album Louder Now. All eleven tracks are played and the crowd is loving every minute of it. After twenty-one songs you would think the band must be done, but no, they launch into the encore with a collection of hits from their catalog. The four song encore includes “Tidal Wave,” “This Photograph is Proof (I Know You Know),” “All Ready to Go” and finally “A Decade Under the Influence.”

For almost two hours the crowd is treated to an impressive twenty five songs. Lassara’s vocal is strong and his energy is contagious, moving around the stage and throwing his microphone in the air. He is matched by the other members, between the energy, the lights, and laser show on the stage, it is hard to know who to watch. This is a show that it is equally fun to be right up in the front row as it is in the back experiencing the whole view.

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Event Date: 05-MAY-2019

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