Fans of intricate guitar work and technical metal will appreciate the debut release from this artist.

Thirty plus years of slinging guitar and playing in bands has prepared Stephen Anthony Gregory for the release of his EP, Me, Myself and I, released on Sword & Cross Records in May 2013. The four-song release is loaded with guitar shredding and intense energy in a hard rock/metal sound.

The production quality of the EP is good. Gregory’s guitar tone is full, a little crunchy, with subtle compression and chorus effect.

Me, Myself and I opens with a short but strong piece, titled “The Red Light, White Light.” This track features a sense of tension with the tempo and rhythm. It is driving, almost at a forced march pace, creating a certain intensity. The rhythm line is accentuated with solo work, Gregory demonstrating a skill as a lead player. This is possibly the best track on the release. The only complaint is it is not longer.

“Old Avila” is interesting in its intricate qualities. There is a 90s production style that sets it apart from the other tracks on the album, almost grunge like in style. It starts off with feel of Soundgarden, but then quickly changes up time and moves the song in a different direction before changing again. It switches to and fro throughout the track, without feeling disjointed, the different sections fitting well together.

“Gregoria” is a slower melodic piece, full of slow picking and sustained haunting chords. This track is full of emotion, felt through the soulful solo work. It gives the EP a break in pace and adds a depth of character to the release.

“The Hip Do’s” is great way to close the EP. Out of the four tracks, this is the fastest and heaviest, being a real ass kicker. Chugging down picked rhythms, some fast fret work, and tight intricate arpeggiated lead play with plenty of tremolo make for a true metal tune. This is bound to be a favorite for his fans given the fist pumping energy it conveys.

Overall, this is a good debut release for Stephen Anthony Gregory. Me, Myself & I is well worth listening to, whether you are a guitar player or just a fan or hard rock and metal. At just under 16 minutes, it is a quick listen and a lot of talent jammed into a small package. Want to hear it for yourself? You can listen to it right now on SoundCloud.


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