The Japanese metal legends hit The Token Lounge, bringing hard rock and heavy metal to the Metro Detroit crowd along with Most Wanted, Torque, and Volume Dog.

Opening the night was Volume Dog, who won over the crowd immediately with their driving sound and passion, their cover of Black Label Society’s “Stillborn” being a crowd favorite. With swirling guitar solos surrounded by driving drums and bass, all tied together with mesmerizing, heavy, melodic vocals, Volume Dog is a band you need to see.

This Detroit band consists of Joe Murphy (vocals), Jeff Ryder (guitars/vocals), Ron Vanderfill (bass/vocals), and Niko (drums).

Up next came Torque. The crowd loved their mix of technical prowess and dirty grooves. With soaring guitar solos accompanied by doom metal bass and machine gun drums, this band is a powerhouse reigned in by their frontman with his menacing vocals.

Each member of Torque made a point to connect with members of the crowd. They are a band whom brings their A-game to the stage and were rewarded by an audience that responded with the same level of energy.

This underground heavy metal band consists of DC Childs (vocals), The MOD (guitar), Johnny VIRUS (drums), and KEETER (bass).

Most Wanted followed. They have enjoyed a steady two-decade career as hard working rockers who regularly tour, releasing five original full-length recordings, and are at work on a new album.

With groovy, catchy melodies over powerful rock riffs, their music is full of energy. Hiser’s voice and soulful guitar were punchy. Kerkes and Sabol hooked on the rhythm lines with thick and groovy on bass following driving percussion. Whether laying down a fat riff or delivering a stinging solo, Block ‘s guitar playing is fantastic.

Their blend of indie and heavy rock tunes was unique and loved by the crowd. This band is full of charisma and heart, giving all their energy to the crowd and putting on a fantastic set.

This rock band, hailing from Detroit, consists of Mark Hiser (vocals/guitar), Mike Sabol (bass), Greg (drums), and Charlie Block (guitar).

And finally, with curtains drawn, the crowd packed in waiting for Loudness. The curtains opened to cheers, thundering drums and a scream from Niihara, launching into the set. These guys are bringing back the best of 80s metal.

As true pioneers of Japanese metal, they know expectations are high, and they deliver. Their sound has evolved over the years, but they never forget their roots, pleasing the oldest Loudness fans and innovating to keep things fresh and pull in new fans. This band is a live show like no other, bringing the best of 80s arena metal to the masses of today. Be sure to catch them on their U.S. tour, you won’t regret it.

This Japanese metal band, formed in 1981, consists of the original lineup; Akira Takasaki (guitar), Minoru Niihara (vocals), Masayoshi Yamashita (bass), and Masayuki Suzuki (drums) replacing the late Munetaka Higuchi.

Takasaki is a machine on guitar, playing incredible riffs and solos at breakneck speed. Niihara’s vocals are like no other; powerful, rebellious, raspy, and passionate. He brings the energy of an arena show to the smallest stage, and the crowd feels it in their bones. Yamashita holds everything together on bass, driving the show forward with his groovy melodies. Suzuki proves his skills on the drums, offering a barrage of beats to the crowd like a thunderstorm.

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