As icy January winds blow, the Sanctuary basks in the fiery glow of the almighty riffs from Iron Mountain during their debut album release.

Tony Iommi the Godfather of heavy metal and master of the riff will be happy to hear that his influence is as strong as ever. Iron Mountain is part of a new generation creating pulverizing monoliths of sound. A strong contingent of devotes of doom has assembled at the Sanctuary in Hamtramck, Michigan to celebrate Iron Mountain’s debut album release.

The evening of heaviness launches with Toe Cutter. Like the leader of the merciless motorcycle gang in “Mad Max”, Toe Cutter unveil a tripped out groove layered in rhythmic savagery. Toe Cutter’s dark grooves taste like Blind-era Corrosion of Conformity with vocals casting shadows of Karl Agell. Their set of burly rock was a perfect way to start the evening.

Think of the heaviest thing in the universe and that puts you close to the sound of Blind Haven. While the band does have a couple faster paced sledge-hammer tunes, the bulk of their music is massive glacial riffs set to a geological cadence. Vocals roar like a berserker lost in blood lust as guitars slash and bass and drum pummel. They had the Sanctuary screaming with approval of their bone splintering performance.

If you wish that Black Sabbath was back in action, then your wish is granted with Temple of the Fuzz Witch. The fine gentlemen in this band have studied long the grimoire of Iommi. Instead of sounding like a sad re-hash of Black Sabbath, this band breathes new life into the essence of early Sabbath. Their performance at the Sanctuary was outstanding. Watch for upcoming worship sessions at the Temple of the Fuzz Witch.

Just when you thought the music couldn’t get any heavier, Iron Mountain brought their gargantuan riffs to bear upon the crowd at the Sanctuary. Many fans hover close to the stage as a shroud of fog blankets them and the band. Their set features nearly all of the songs from the new album including “Black Sky” and “Locust”. If you are new to Iron Mountain, think of a doomier Weedeater or a band like Grief and you are close to their majestic awesomeness.

As a special surprise, Iron Mountain brings Shawn Scott from Karmic Lava on stage to play a fist-slamming version of Black Sabbath’s “Children of the Grave”. This evening of doom proves that metal music is alive and doing just fine. A new legion of metal-heads continues to make powerful music that godfather Tony Iommi would surely approve.

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Event Date: 05-JAN-2019

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