Big Wreck celebrate the 20th anniversary of their debut album In Loving Memory Of… with a packed house of adoring fans at Saint Andrew’s Hall in Detroit.

The electricity in the air is palpable. There is a living blanket of love for the music of Big Wreck hugging everyone within Saint Andrew’s Hall. It has been 20 years since the release of Big Wreck’s In Loving Memory Of… album and the music’s appeal continues to indelibly etch the hearts of old and new fans alike. While some fans at the show have been with the band since the start, a new generation is discovering the magnetic resonance of Big Wreck. Wherever you roam within the hall, you sense the anticipation with conversations about favorite songs, recollections of past performances, and hopes for this evening’s show.

First on the stage is Core Effect from Detroit. This local band melds nicely with Big Wreck. This band may be new to some in the crowd, but they have been building a steady following in the area with their thoughtful songwriting. Their performance pulls in the attention of the crowd who enjoy their intricate harmonies and strong soulful vocals backed up with powerful rhythms.

The next performance of the evening features Attica Riots from Winnipeg, Canada. This three-piece exudes bliss with their indie pop music. Attica Riots music smells of 80’s new wave bands such as Tears For Fears and the Psychedelic Furs combined with the pop-punk of The Clash. Danceable tunes with swagger and sass infect the audience. A casual glance shows plenty in the audience bopping to the earworm riddled melodies.

As if the anticipation for Big Wreck couldn’t get any more emotional, the lights drop and the air fills with the ecstatic cheers from the crowd. The hairs on your arms stand on end in this charged space. Adoring fans eyes are shining brightly as the band kicks into “Look What I Found”. The journey into the debut album that started this musical adventure begins.

There are fans in attendance who love the lyrical content of Big Wreck’s music. You can hear them singing loud and clear with vocalist/guitarist Ian Thornley to “That Song”. There are also fans who delve further into the technical songcraft that Big Wreck employs. Their eyes are glued to the band and the graceful ease with which they perform the songs from In Loving Memory Of…’ The crafty riffs and tasty hooks are played with loving care by Brian Doherty (guitar), Chuck Keeping (drums), and Dave McMillian (bass). Meanwhile, Ian Thornley spreads his wings with tantalizing guitar solos such as the brilliant burning slide on “Overemphasizing”.

The main set closes out with the opening track “The Oaf” from In Loving Memory Of…  Big Wreck take just a few minutes to reset and hit the ground running with an encore that includes the hit “Albatross.” This album marked the resurgence of Big Wreck and delights the crowd who listen with rapt attention as they move with the music. Big Wreck finishes up this stellar performance with the Thornley rocker “Come Again”. It is clear by the reception of the audience that they hope Big Wreck does come again real soon.

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Event Date: 11-FEB-2018

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