Hollywood Undead dominated the Mercury Ballroom in Louisville Kentucky with Cane Hill and Haven Fire.

Hollywood Undead treated a close-to-capacity crowd at The Mercury Ballroom in Louisville to an unforgettable night of Rap/Rock. Touring to support their latest offering, Day of the Dead, Hollywood undead opened the evening with the first cut off the album, “Usual Suspects,” and really set the tone for how great the evening was going to be. Without missing a beat, HU rolled right into “Undead,” and the many fans in attendance were hooked.

During an evening of many highlights, one that stood out was Alexis. Alexis is a beautiful eight-year-old young lady who was brought on the stage by Charlie Scene to introduce and sing “Comin’ in Hot.” She knew every word, which the group thoroughly enjoyed. Alexis even walked off the Stage with Charlie Scene’s sunglasses.

Continuing their amazing set with favorites, “Been to Hell,” “Bullet,” and current album favorite, “Day of the Dead,” they kept raising the bar with pure energy and raw emotion before finishing their main set. Treated to two additional encore songs, “Everywhere I Go,” and “Hear Me Now,” Hollywood Undead capped off an incredible and unforgettable evening! Hollywood Undead is comprised of Johnny 3 Tears, J-Dog, Charlie Scene, Funny Man, Da Kurlzz, and Danny.

Cane Hill, The New Orleans-based quintet preceded Hollywood Undead with a hard-driving, head-banging set of Nu Metal. Their 30-minute set was heavy, hard, and full of deep metal riffs and was well received by those in attendance. Cane Hill is Elijah Witt (vocals), Bemo Barnett (guitar), James Barnett (guitar), Ryan Henriquez (bass), and Devin Clark (drums).

Starting the evening off the right way, Indiana based Haven Fire rocked a set of original music that the crowd was really into. Their set was not without drama as they fought through a bass strap malfunction midway through a song. The malfunction didn’t stop them from interacting with the crowd, though, as bass player Gerard had time to make a fan’s day and take a selfie on stage using her phone, and later found himself playing in the photo pit.

Haven Fire’s music is rock/alternative, featuring solid vocals and strong riffs and was very well received. After their set, all of the members greeted fans at their merchandise table which is always great to see. Haven Fire is TJay (lead vocals), Gerard (bass), Kyle (guitars/vocals), RL (guitars), Jimi (drums).

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