Avatar rocked a sold-out house at Piere’s Entertainment Center with support from Righteous Vendetta and local band, Creep.

Avatar is always entertaining. Opening the show with the powerful song, “Hail the Apocalypse,” whipped the crowd into a frenzy of head banging and horns in the air. Lead singer, Johannes Eckerström, is fun to watch as he works the crowd with his stomping, marching, and head banging. All the members put on a great show full of energy.

Righteous Vendetta hails from Wyoming and puts on a nicely polished show. With strong vocals from Ryan Hayes, the band is fun to watch on stage and keeps the crowd engaged. They are touring in support of their new EP Defiance.

Creep was local support at this show. They had a large following in the crowd, and their fans seemed to enjoy their energy, their sound, and their theatrics. They blended well with the other acts, and they held their own with the big dog rockers by bringing their own rock ‘n roll flavor to the show.

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Righteous Vendetta
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