Adoring fans packed the Token Lounge to share a jubilant musical feast with the profoundly talented King’s X.

The buzz in the air is almost palpable as fans steadily flow into the Token Lounge in Westland, Michigan to see a lineup packed with extraordinary musicians playing rock music that is bursting at the seams with heart and soul.

The evening gets started with Sons of Rachel from Detroit. They play straight up rock n’ roll with gusto. While everyone in the band put all they had into their performance, special kudos to their drummer who put the hurt on his skins with his rock solid stick work.

As the room filled up with music fans, Reign started their set and immediately jaws dropped to the floor in amazement. Reign have ditched their frontman and now utilize the vocal prowess of Kari Stein and Jaimi Grumblatt to full potential. The strong musical quality remains intact with outstanding performances by each of the highly talented members of the band. In addition to their superb progressive metal originals, Reign threw in a cover of “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence, which met with hearty approval from the audience.

Tiles are back in action with their new album, Pretending 2 Run. Fans of King’s X appreciate thoughtful and evocative music, and they received a huge dose from Tiles. Majestically weaving subtle tones within dazzling compositions, this powerhouse progressive rock band from Detroit had all eyes and ears locked on the stage. The band looked like they had a great time on stage and the audience picked up on this energy. Look forward to more shows from Tiles in the coming months ahead.

Traveling many miles from their home in Hawaii, the Kings of Spade are on the road supporting King’s X and bringing their outstanding soulful blues rock to the mainland.

The Kings of Spade are a phenomenal band. From the opening first notes, the heart gripping soul and power of this band’s music is uplifting and captivating. Guitarist Jesse Savio’s playing is expressive and compliments the exhilarating vocal dynamics of Kasi Nunes. You can see the music flowing through Kasi as she moves and sings.

The rhythm section is tight and punchy with Matt Kato (drums) and Tim Corker (bass) working together to propel the music and get bodies moving. Kings of Spade are a spectacular live band and gained a packed house of fans with their stupendous set.

After a brief set change, the dark curtains parted from the stage, and King’s X launched into “Groove Machine.” The Token Lounge was full of fans that were going wild and jamming with the band. Looking around the room, you can see many fans singing along with Doug Pinnick as he sang “The World Around Me” and “Pillow.” Doug’s voice is as strong as ever, particularly on “A Box” and “Over My Head.”

Sporting shades and knit hat, Ty Tabor let his Fender Strat do the talking. His unique tone and beautiful phrasing mesmerized the crowd. The solo on “Flys and Blue Skys” was ringing wet with emotion. The deeply powerful chord progression on “Pleiades” rumbled with conquering force and met with enthusiastic applause.

There were quite a few people yelling out “Jerry!” in between songs in honor of drummer Jerry Gaskill. There is a deep love within this room for the band and a ton of respect and admiration for Jerry who was pounding the drums with vigor. He is a treat to watch live as he is a highly expressive musician. Each pop of the snare, tom roll, or cymbal crash is written on Jerry’s face.

King’s X ended their set with “We Were Born To Be Loved” from 1990’s Faith Hope Love and exited the stage. The crowd chanted and cheered for the band to return. They were happy to oblige; returning with the spirit lifting “Go Tell Somebody” followed up by the gritty groove of “Dogman.” Feeling the groove, Doug encourages Ty to keep jamming, and they went back to their first album to rock out “King.”

For the finale, the band turned the vocal mics to the crowd and the entire room filled with voices singing “Goldilox.”

After the show, the band met up with their diehard fans near the stage to sign albums and take a bit of time to share their appreciation. There were no rock stars here; just people who love rock music and, together as performers and audience, took a moment in time to celebrate our union in song.

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