Chicago was rocked to within an inch of its life on Friday night, as Tremonti made a welcome return.

Man The Mighty, Tremonti’s Chicagoan Fret 12 labelmates, opened the show at Thalia Hall. The guys also shared the stage with Mark Tremonti under his Alter Bridge guise at the House of Blues last year. Their hard-hitting set had everyone warmed up and ready for Tremonti to take to the stage.

Termonti’s current tour is in support of the upcoming sophomore album, Cauterize, which is due out June 9th, the long-awaited follow-up to the 2012, All I Was. Cauterize is the first album to include Wolfgang Van Halen on bass. However, he was unable to join his new bandmates on tour due to prior commitments with Van Halen and has been replaced by Tanner Keegan for the duration of the tour.

Hitting the audience with anthemic “Leave It Alone,” the band kept it coming on a night of high-octane hard rock. The set included fan favorites “You Waste Your Time” and “The Things I’ve Seen” whilst teasing the crowd with new songs from the upcoming album, including the title track, “Another Heart” and the long-awaited “Flying Monkeys.”

Mark Tremonti looked at ease behind the mic, whilst busting out power riffs to an audience that included several of his friends and family, with his dad looking on proudly from the back of the hall. Tremonti was soaking in the atmosphere with a huge smile as the Chicago crowd sang along with rock horns in the air. Eric Friedman complemented Tremonti with some solid rhythm playing and enjoyed his own moments to shine with two or three great solos while Garrett Whitlock was a crazed powerhouse on the drums throughout, never missing a beat.

With just a few North American dates left before heading over to Europe for the majority of June, the Chicago fans were happy to hear Tremonti are planning on returning to the city around September time, by which time they will be able to include more songs from the much-anticipated new album.

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