The Hawthorne Theatre had not just one but three kick ass local punk bands making it an awesome night.

The headline act for the evening was God Bless America from Portland, OR. Eddie Kancer and GBA got on the stage in all American glory, conjured demons of punk rock past and proceeded to jam some of the Best punk I’ve heard in years. GBA embodies all the raw power, pissed-off sound and the feisty energy of all your favorite 80’s punk bands. God Bless America is Eddie Kancer (Vocals), Fluffy Kettering (Bass), Captain Mittens (Drums, Cuddles), The Reverend Pat Riot (Guitar), and Chad Life (Guitar)

The night wouldn’t be complete without a servicing from no one other than the always impressive Portland Punk Rock trio The Mormon Trannys. The Prophet Josephina Smith (Vocals and Bass) Spiritual Leader Elder Bring ‘Em Hung – (Guitar and Vocals) and Training Coach Elder Tits Romney – (Drums) called to order their faithful swallower asking they leave their morals, inhibitions and virginity at home. Using their talent and sinful satire on the stage, the trio preached the word of The Church of Latter Day Skanks leaving their fresh converts violated and begging for more.

Kicking off the evening, PillowFight from Portland, OR, played for a standing room only at Hawthorne Lounge. As the Pillow Fight bio reads, “The band started in 2003, with the idea of putting a band together, writing 10 songs and playing a Halloween party. Eleven years later and still banned from Utah, PillowFight proves they still have the attention of their fans.” Pillowfight consists of LSD (Master of Ceremonies), Chopper (Guitars), Buttman (Percussion), and Burnside (Bass thumpin’ and hand shakin’).

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